Introduction: How to Make a DIY Leather Wallet

One cannot deny the fact that a wallet receives much more abuse as compared to any other accessory in your day to day life. Although you may come across some attractive wallets in the store, they will definitely lose their elegance after only a few months. It is imperative for you to take into account the guidelines mentioned below prior to selecting a wallet since it is going to be your companion for quite some time in the upcoming days.

Here are the tips on how to make a leather wallet:

Tools Needed:

  1. Razor blade
  2. Scissors
  3. Awl
  4. Straight rule
  5. A couple of pushpins
  6. Ballpoint stitching needles

Step 1:

Your first task will be to cut out the paper patterns and also print the design. Following this, the patterns must be traced onto a leather sheet.

Step 2:

Now it is required to cut the pieces from the leather carefully. After that, the stitching holes have to be punched into the leather. Track the paper pattern to the piece of leather by making use of push pins and also employ an awl for punching the spaced holes evenly.

Step 3:

Right now, it is time to assemble the different parts together. The smaller pieces namely A and В have to be layered above the piece C, which in turn will go on top of the piece D. Next, the leather has to be folded in order to observe exactly where the holes must line up. Although there are different techniques for hand stitching, for this particular assembly it is suggested to use a method known as hand saddle stitching. With this particular type of stitching, there are two needles and one thread. The holes must be aligned together and the two needles have to be weaved through each one of the aligned holes.

Step 4:

To start with, it is advisable to use the blue stitching path. One needle has to be passed through the initial hole and it must be pulled till there will be identical amounts of thread on each side of the leather. Take a needle and pass it through the subsequent hole from the identical side of the leather. Also, start another needle through the very same hole from the reverse side. After grasping both the needles, pull them till the stitch becomes good as well as tight. You must start binding the piece D to the piece В after the fourth hole. After reaching the end point, both the needles must be passed to the rear side and you also have to weave the threads. After taking both the needles from the rear side of B, add on piece C.

Step 5:

In order to complete the blue path, the needles must be weaved between the two holes of В and C. Right now, it is imperative to verify that the stitching is okay all along the blue path and you may also perform any tension adjustments if required. If everything is fine, the two threads can be tied off by making 3 overhand knots consecutively.

Step 6:

At this particular stage, it is time to move on to the stitching paths B and C. You have to spend the initial 18 stitches of these paths for binding piece A and piece В to piece C. After reaching the corners, you have to start including piece D into the stitching while closing up the wallet’s side.

Step 7:

The endpoints of the yellow and green stitching paths will lead you to the corner fold of the piece D. You can bring the threads at these corners through the middle and then tie them off using as many as 3 knots. After this, make it a point to tuck the knot onto the fold at the corner by cutting the remaining portion of the thread. At this point, you have completed making your wallet!