Introduction: How to Make a Decent Minecraft Abode

Hello All! In this quick* guide, I will be showing you some tips and tricks to building a house that you can be truly proud of in your Minecraft World! This guide is not meant to be followed step by step, more so applying the steps to your own ideas to make something that represents not only you, but your style as well!


3 Stacks of Wood (Your Choice, I chose Spruce)

Some Leaves

The Lighting Source of your Choice (I chose lanterns, they look good with Spruce)

An Axe and a Shovel

Step 1: Find a Spot and Clear It Out

This Part is pretty self explanatory, but just find a spot that you feel as if provides the landscape that you desire (anything from a lush forest to an open tundra) and clear out the necessary space for your build! Remember to make the Landscape fit your build, but not to the extent that you miss out on what made the spot you picked unique in the first place!

Step 2: Make a Basic Outline for Your Build!

Plot out the corners of your building and place some corner pillars. Two key factors in this are that you want to leave enough space on the inner portion of these pillars to accommodate a floor and walls, and also to Not build a basic square or rectangle house.Adding to a rectangle by using an angle or even by just extending a side of it leads to a better looking, better feeling, and more diverse build in the end, so don't be lame and just make a rectangle! After plotting out your corners, clear out the flooring.

Step 3: Build Up Your Walls (Optionally, Plot Out Second Floor)

This is the part where you build up the walls of your home to the desired height! Walls should be 4 blocks tall, allowing ample headroom to have a space feel open instead of cramped! You can also optionally build up the wall to accommodate for a second floor, just remember that you can also not have a fully walled in house, leaving some space for a second floor balcony! During this step, it is also crucial to plot out spaces for windows, as they are vital to making a build look good!

Step 4: Add Windows, and Make Your Roof!

After you have built up your walls and optional second floor, its time for a roof! Roofs can be built in many different styles, however the one in the example home was best suited with a Log Roof, as a conventional one would look too bland given the materials. Using Stairs, build up a ramp-like slant on each side, and where they meet in the middle place a Log, and have this run the full length of the roof. Just know that roofs are a practice in problem solving, as any roof that you build is bound to have issues associated with it, and you just have to work around it!

Step 5: Finally, Add Some Final Touches and Decorations!

This is the point of the build where you truly flesh it out, and add all of it's little intricacies and decorations! Hedges, used carefully, can be a great way to allow for the outside of a first floor to look more lively! If you have made a second floor for your home, a distinction should be made that is visible on the outside of your home to really separate the floors to an onlooker. Stairs and slabs are your best friend through this entire process, as they are easy to diversify any aspect of a build!

Step 6: Congratulations! You Build Not a House, But a Home!

If you applied your own creativity to this process, and followed some of the tips outlined in this Instructable, then you should be left with a decent looking build to boot! Furnish it and call it your own, and get out there to explore the great expanses of the world, knowing you have a home to come back to at the end of the day!