Introduction: How to Make a Denim Shirt Dress

Gather all materials such as:

  • Measuring tape
  • White elastic band
  • Denim shirt
  • 50 strips of 32 x 5-inch tulle
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ballpoint pins
  • White chalk
  • Needle
  • White and pink thread
  • One yard pink cloth

Step 1: Measuring

Materials you will need for this step:

  • Measuring tape
  • Elastic band
  • Denim shirt
  • chalk
  • Safety pins
  • Ballpoint pins
  • 1 yd cloth
  • Fabric scissors

1st step: Measure your waist

2nd step: Measure the elastic band to the same size as your waist, trim if needed.

3rd Step: Apply denim shirt onto the mannequin.

4th step: Measure from the underarm area to the desired length( I chose 9 inches), then mark with white chalk

5th step: Apply the elastic band around the denim shirt along with the white chalk, safety pin w/ pin at the end to keep it together.

6th step: Measure cloth from the size of your waist + 5 inches (will explain why later on) and desired length, cut if needed with fabric scissors. ( My waist is 32 inches and I chose the length to be 22 inches)

Step 2: Applying the Tulle to the Elastic Band

7th step: Apply tulle under the elastic band, bring it over, cross it over, tie a knot

8th step: Repeat until the elastic band is around the whole elastic band.

Should look like the pictures above

How to tie the knot included in the pictures^^^^^^^

Step 3: Sewing the Cloth Onto the Elastic Band W/ Tulle

Grab the cloth that SHOULD be measured by now ( your waist + 5 inches and desired length)

9th step: Add cloth along with the elastic band with tulle against a table

10th step: Grab a needle and pink thread, measure a GOOD amount, if short, it's fine, grab more.

11th step: Create a running baste stitch along with the fabric, DO NOT SEW THE EXTRA 5 INCHES!

After that:

Once sewn together, apply back onto the mannequin and secure it with a safety pin and pin.

Warning: You will see the 5 inches not sewn on right now

Step 4: Applying the Top to the Bottom

Take the denim shirt off the mannequin and apply onto the table, along with tulle skirt

13th Step: Align the white chalk streak with the elastic band and put pins along into band it together.

14th step: Test it out! ( be careful with the pins!!)

15th step: Once all the pins are secured, button up the denim shirt

16th step: Start sewing the same running baste stitch across the band and shirt( Make sure it's even and then sew the extra 5 inches across the other side

17th step: Make sure that the ends of the elastic band are sewed on the shirt and each other

18th step: Once both the top and bottom are secured to each other, try it on!

Step 5: Enjoy!

PS, I'm just a sophomore in high school, go easy on me.

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