Introduction: How To: Make a Dragon Out of Clay

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In this Instructable I am going to show you how to make a clay dragon! I am sorry about the quality of the pics, the camera I have isn't the best. But I still hope you can complete this Instructable with no problems!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is some oven-bake clay in the colors of:

Green (for the dragon body)
Red (for the flames and tail)
Black (for the claws, horns, and pupils)
Orange (for the flame)
White (for the teeth and eyes)

Also you might want to have a small pen or something to help work on some of the small areas.

Step 2: The Legs

Ok the legs are not all that hard to make

1. As you see in the first pic make 4 legs shaped like this using the green clay

2. Using the black clay make 3 claws to put on each of the 4 legs

3. Now put the claws on the legs

And the legs are D O N E! 

Step 3: Body

Now the body

1. Make the shape in the photo2

2. Now add the legs at the corners of the shapes and make sure to connect them firmly

And your done!!!

Step 4: Tail

Now to make the tail

1. First start out with a ball of green clay

2. Roll it out in to a cone

3. Then Add a bit of a curve to it

4. Now get some red clay and make it into a triangle

5. Add it to the rest of the tail add the tail to the body

7. And if you want you can also add some spikes on the tail.

Now on to the head!

Step 5: Head

This step is long so be prepared!

1. Make this shape.

2. Make three balls from green, white, and black clay with each getting slightly smaller.

3. Add the white to the green and the black to the white.

4. Now put them on the head.

5. Get some red clay and make a flame shape with it.

6. Now add some orange clay on top of it.

7. Put it in theV part of the base.

8. Make 2 black cones.

9. Bend them 45 degrees in the middle.

10. Add them to the back of the head.

11. Make 10 mini white cones for the teeth.

12. Now add them to the head.

13. Give the head a neck.

And Done! Whew.. That probably took a while! We'll add the head later.

Step 6: Wings and Final Product

Now lets make the wings.

1. Make some wings with green clay

2. You can also add some spikes to the tail if you want

3. Now add the wings and the head to the body

And your Finished!

Now follow the baking instructions on your clay and if you don't have any follow this:
Bake Clay at 275' for 20 minutes for every 1/4 in. of thickness.
After that you have your very own clay Dragon!

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