Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet


Hi my name is Aaron Arneson. Wallets can get expensive to purchase at the store, and some wallets are so thick that it feels like there is a brick in your back pocket. Through these instructions, I will show how to make a duct tape wallet that is affordable and thin. Constructing this wallet should take you 20-25 minutes.


Scissors, duct tape (standard 1.88 in), card stock, and tape measure/ruler.


Use caution when handling scissors and duct tape. Failure to follow the steps correctly could result in injury to you or damage to the product.

Step 1: Getting Started

1. Cut five 9-inch strips of duct tape, laying them down adhesive side up.

2. Overlap strips by ½ inch each while lining up the ends of the strips as best as you can.

Step 2: Placing Duct Tape Sheets Together

1. Repeat Step 1. Now you have two sheets of duct tape like the one pictured in step one.

2. Place the adhesive sides of the sheets together, lining up the edges as best as you can.

3. These two sheets will serve as the base of your duct tape wallet.

Step 3: Folding Edges

1. Fold edges where sheets didn’t line up perfectly.

2. Make sure adhesive is folded over so no adhesive is exposed.

Step 4: Cutting a Strip in Half

1. Cut a 4-inch strip of duct tape, and then cut or rip it down the middle giving you two 4-inch strips that are half the width of a normal strip.

Step 5: More Folding

1. Fold the base of the wallet in half

2. Align the strips along the edges as pictured

3. Fold the strips over the edges of wallet

Step 6: Cutting Edges

1. Cut edges of tape that extend over the edges of the wallet.

Step 7: Card Stock

1. Cut out a 3.75in x 2.5in piece of card stock.

2. Cover both sides of the card stock with duct tape.

3. Cut off the excess duct tape so the ends of the duct tape is flush with ends of the card stock.

Step 8: Adding the Pocket

1. Now we are going to use the duct tape coated card stock to make a pocket for the wallet.

2. Place duct tape coated card stock onto wallet, lining up the edge of the card stock with the end of the wallet.

3. Cut two 3.75 inch and one 2.5 inch pieces of duct tape.
4. Attach the card stock to the wallet with the pieces of duct tape

Step 9: Finished Product

1. Pictured above is what the wallet should look like so far. This is your finished product if you wish to only have one card slot.

2. Repeat steps 7 and 8 if you desire to have a second pocket for holding cards. Also pictured above is the wallet if you choose to add a second pocket.

3. After construction of the wallet, feel free to place the wallet under a heavy item for a few hours or overnight so it will stay closed when it is out of your pocket.

4. Now you have a thin duct tape wallet that was easy and affordable to assemble!