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This spider web can be fully disassembled and reassembled even the following year.

Note: If you have any difficulties watch my video step by step on youtube.


1. Two tree trunks 7-10 cm high, 20 cm diameter.

2. Two 2m rods of 8-10 mm diameter, (Dowel Pins).

3. Ball of wool.

4. Super strong glue.

5. Electric screwdriver.

6. Drill bit for wood 8-10 mm diameter.

7. Patience.

Step 1: Perforation

1. Use a screwdriver to make a 5 cm deep hole in the middle of the trunk.

Step 2: Start of Assembly

1. Insert Dowel Pins in Trunk holes that you have made before.

Step 3: Spider Web Bridge Thread

1. Create two bridges with the wool thread, the first all at the bottom and the second all at the top.

Step 4: Spider Web Radius

1. Start by tying the wool thread in the corners forming an "X".

2. Now create a star remembering to go around the center with the wool.

3. In total you should cross eight threads of wool.

Note: Remember to go around the center with each strand.

Step 5: Spider Web Capture Spiral

1. To make the capturing spirals you have to start from the center and go outwards, with a space between them of 4-5 cm.

2. Tie the woolen thread with a knot at a Radius.

3. Go to the next radius and make a loop around it with the wire and so on until you close the circle. Repeat this for about thirteen times.

Note: If the bridge does not seem to resist or to bend too much reinforce it with one or two passes of wool thread.

Step 6: Locking

1. Pass each crossing of the wool threads with a drop of the super strong glue.

Note: Thanks to this last operation, the web can be reused whenever you want.

Step 7: Results

Step 8: Results

Step 9: Results

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