How to Make a Easy Dismountable Spider Web - Halloween Decorations DIY




Introduction: How to Make a Easy Dismountable Spider Web - Halloween Decorations DIY

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This spider web can be fully disassembled and reassembled even the following year.

Note: If you have any difficulties watch my video step by step on youtube.


1. Two tree trunks 7-10 cm high, 20 cm diameter.

2. Two 2m rods of 8-10 mm diameter, (Dowel Pins).

3. Ball of wool.

4. Super strong glue.

5. Electric screwdriver.

6. Drill bit for wood 8-10 mm diameter.

7. Patience.

Step 1: Perforation

1. Use a screwdriver to make a 5 cm deep hole in the middle of the trunk.

Step 2: Start of Assembly

1. Insert Dowel Pins in Trunk holes that you have made before.

Step 3: Spider Web Bridge Thread

1. Create two bridges with the wool thread, the first all at the bottom and the second all at the top.

Step 4: Spider Web Radius

1. Start by tying the wool thread in the corners forming an "X".

2. Now create a star remembering to go around the center with the wool.

3. In total you should cross eight threads of wool.

Note: Remember to go around the center with each strand.

Step 5: Spider Web Capture Spiral

1. To make the capturing spirals you have to start from the center and go outwards, with a space between them of 4-5 cm.

2. Tie the woolen thread with a knot at a Radius.

3. Go to the next radius and make a loop around it with the wire and so on until you close the circle. Repeat this for about thirteen times.

Note: If the bridge does not seem to resist or to bend too much reinforce it with one or two passes of wool thread.

Step 6: Locking

1. Pass each crossing of the wool threads with a drop of the super strong glue.

Note: Thanks to this last operation, the web can be reused whenever you want.

Step 7: Results

Step 8: Results

Step 9: Results

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    11 months ago

    Very clever! Are the tops of the poles anchored the ceiling somehow?


    Reply 10 months ago

    No, there is no need to anchor them if the bases are high enough and heavy ... Obviously the hole in the trunk must be deep. ;)