Introduction: How to Make a Fleece (No Sew) Tie Blanket

These blankets are easy to make and are the best gifts or project for anyone.

You will need:

1. Two pieces of fleece. (I like one to be a pattern and one to be a solid, but this is totally up to you.)

2. Scissors – any scissors will work but fabric (that haven’t been used on paper) scissors work best.

a. Or a rotary cutter works too

3. Measuring tape or measuring cutting mat

Whether you are making this for yourself or for someone in your life, these steps create a great, unique, personalized blanket that will be loved!

Step 1: Cut Off Factory Edges

All fleece comes with a side that is white with text and the other side is crinkled and a little frayed. I like to cut both edges, so each side has a nice clean cut. Don’t worry about cutting these is a perfect straight line, in the end product, you won’t be able to tell.

Step 2: Line the Two Pieces of Fleece Up

Lay the two pieces on a flat surface. I usually do a table top or the floor, depending on how big the blanket is. When lining them up, the two wrong sides should face each other, and the two good sides should be facing outwards. In this step it is important to make sure the fleece is lined up just how you want it. In the following steps you will be cutting through both pieces of fleece at the same time, so you won’t be able to move how they are lined up.

Step 3: Cut a 4 Inch Square Out of Each Corner

Cut a 4x4 inch square from each corner. This prevents the corners from bunching in the end product and makes it much easier to tie throughout the project.

Step 4: Cut the Slits for Each Tie

Cut slits that are about 1 inch wide and 3-4 inches deep (depending on how long you want your ties). Each piece does not have to be perfect, minor differences will not be noticeable. Once you get going, you can eyeball it rather than measuring every time. Make sure you cut through both fleece layers at the same time, so they line up for when you tie them. Do this all the way around the blanket before moving to the next step to prevent the fleece from moving around, making it more difficult to tie.

Step 5: Tie Each Slit

Grab matching top and bottom slits and tie them together in a double knot. This will prevent the blanket from coming untied with everyday use and washing.

Step 6: Continue All the Way Around the Blanket

Continue tying knots all the way around the blanket until it is completed.