Introduction: How to Make a Flower Vase Out of Plastic Bottle?

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When it comes to decorating the desks, halls or even office desks, the flower vases are quite popular that hold the beautiful flowers in them. But why spend on the expensive ones when you can make one at your home? Yes, you can easily make the flower vases using the old plastic bottles you generally throw after use. Merely cutting and decorating it would bring to you a beautiful flower vase to enhance your room decorations.

So, are you also willing to make a flower vase for your desk? Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Old plastic
  • bottle
  • Plastic Glass
  • Jute cloth
  • Glitter sheets (2 different colors)
  • Leaf shape beads
  • Beaded lace and Stone lace
  • Glue, cutter,and scissors

Ready with all the things in the list? Here are the steps to the beautiful flower vase.

Step 2: Let's ​take an Old Plastic Bottle & Cut It!

  • Take an old plastic bottle and a marker. Mark the opening of the bottle using the marker and cut it out using a cutter. Remove the cap of the bottle. Now take a plastic glass. Cut the base of the cutter such that the neck of the bottle enters inside it.

Step 3: Let's Wrap the Plastic Glass With Jute Cloth!

  • Now take a jute cloth and wrap the plastic glass using it with the help of some glue. Stick the jute cloth from the top of the glass so that you can stick the remaining edges on the base for complete finishing.

Step 4: Let's Make Leaves From Glitter Sheets!

  • Now take two different color glitter sheets. Using a pencil, draw leaf shapes on it and cut it using a cutter. Cut one big and other an inch smaller than the first one. Now take the small leaf glitter sheet and stick it on the center of the big leaf. Similarly, stick all the leaves.

Step 5: Let's Decorate the Leaves!

  • For further decoration, take leaf shape stones and stick them on the center of the leaf shape glitter sheet. Again, take a beaded lace and stick it on the edge of the small leaf using some glue. Decorate all the leaves in a similar way.

Step 6: Let's Stick All the Leaves!

  • Now take the plastic bottle and stick all the leaves surrounding the neck beside each other. Take lace and stick it below the leaves using some glue. Also stick the lace on the neck of the bottle, above the leaves. Press properly.

Step 7: Let's Decorate Using Stone Lace!

  • Now take the stone lace and the plastic glass. Stick the lace on both the borders of the glass using some glue. Take the stone lace and cut it giving a square shape. Stick the squares on the center of the glass giving the decoration a diamond shape at a particular distance.

Step 8: Let's Fix the Bottleneck!

  • Take the bottleneck and apply some glue on it. Fix the bottleneck inside the plastic glass properly.

Step 9: Conclusion

Your unique flower vase is ready to use. You can use artificial flowers and plants of your choice to decorate it further. This kind of vase looks artistic and different than other printed flower vases that cost you a good amount. Again, as it is easy to make, it wouldn’t consume much time of yours too. So, ready to make your personal flower vase with a plastic bottle!