Introduction: How to Make a Folder

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I had some other folders like this but needed another one, so I took a cereal box and cracker box and made this. I hope this is useful to you!

Stuff you'll need

~Stapler (or school glue or hot glue or something like that)
~Normal sized cereal box
~Normal sized wheat thins box or other box that size

~Hole puncher

~Something to decorate with (optional)

Step 1: Measure Twice, Cut Once!

It's easier to explain things in the pictures so wave your mouse on the little boxes to read them

Step 2: Now Add Pockets

for this step take your normal sized wheat thin box and cut out the two front panels. They fit almost perfectly with the cereal box, the long way to the short way, but you may need to trim it a little. But before you actually add the pockets decide where the "spine" is going to be. In the 2nd picture, I made sure the cracker box would fit well. In the 3rd picture, there's important notes.

Step 3: Finish

After you staple the pockets and hole punch the left side (the top and bottom holes are sapposed to be about an inch away from the top and bottom), I made a latch. You can use tape or string or whatever, but if you're just putting it into a binder, you won't need that.