Introduction: How to Make a Gift Bag From Waste Cardboard Packet?

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Looking for a unique idea for exchanging gifts this season? How about placing the gifts in a gift bag! Wait a minute, you don’t need to add such bags in your shopping list. You can make beautiful gift bags on your own at your home and give it a personalized touch by decorating it with your ideas. Yes, we shall learn how to make a beautiful gift bag at home by using an unwanted cardboard packet or say food packets that are usually thrown when not in use.

So, are you ready to make a gift bag?

Step 1: Things You Need

  • 1 waste cardboard packet
  • Printed sheets (2 different ones)
  • Transparent plastic pipe
  • Beaded Lace
  • Stapler
  • Pearls
  • Glue and cutter

When ready, here are the steps for making the bag.

Step 2: Let's Take Cardboard Box!

  • Take an empty cardboard box and cut it opening it completely. Cut one of the sides too using a cutter.

Step 3: Let's Stick Printed Sheet on Cardboard Box!

  • Now take a printed sheet. Apply glue over the cardboard box and stick the printed sheet on it. Fold the side of the sheet in the inner side for proper finishing. The other sides of the printed sheet would combine the upper and bottom openings of the box. Apply glue and stick them forming a bag like a look.

Step 4: Let's Stick Printed Sheet on Other Side!

  • Now take another piece of the printed sheet. Stick on the other side of the box. And stick the remaining strip on the base for a complete look. This gives you a bag with sides folded in the inner side.

Step 5: Let's Cover the Opening of the Bag!

  • Take another printed sheet and cut out a strip of around 1-inch width from it. Cover the top opening of the bag using the printed sheet strip giving it a border like a look.

Step 6: Let's Make Handle!

  • Now take a transparent plastic pipe. Cut the pipe into two. Enter the beaded lace inside it.

Step 7: Let's Join Plastic Ends!

  • Using a stapler, join the plastic pipe ends in the inner side of the bag to make handles for the bag. Give the bags two handles on opposite sides.

Step 8: Let's Stick Pearls!

  • Finally, take some medium size pearls and stick them on the printed sheet strip at a proper distance. Stick the pearls on both sides.

Step 9: Let's Stick Velcro!

  • Take a Velcro and using some glue, stick them in the inner side opening of the bag to give it a lock for closing the bag.

Step 10: Conclusion

A cute little gift bag is ready to store your gifts. Such gift bags are quite trendy these days for giving return gifts during special occasions or even giving precious gifts. They are widely used during festivals too for greeting each other with some sweets, chocolates, and other gifts.