Introduction: How to Make a Gift Purse From the Waste Cardboard Box?

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Thinking to gift in a unique way this time? How about a gift bag made out using a waste box? Gone are the days when the gifts were wrapped in shining papers or sheets. Today, with the help of best of waste craft ideas, gifting and packing have also become quite fancy. And making a gift bag from a waste box is surely a good idea among many. The gift bag here is made by using old cereal boxes that you generally throw after using.

So, are you ready to make an adorable gift bag? Let’s start with it then.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Empty cereal
  • box
  • White sheet
  • Color paper
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Scale, glue,and pencil
  • Rubber, bead,and wire

After gathering all the things, you need here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 2: Let's ​take an Empty Cereal Box!

  • Take an empty cereal box. Using a cutter, cut it from one side of the top and lower side (say L position) to open the box completely.

Step 3: Let's Cut Cereal Box Sides!

    • Now take a scale and cutter and cut the cereal box sides and folding leaving only the central portion.

    Step 4: Let's Take White Sheet and Make Triangles!

    • Now take a white sheet and make a triangle with measures 9cm on all sides. Draw an arc joining all the three ends of the triangle using a pencil and cut it out using scissors. Get two similar triangles from a white sheet.

    Step 5: Let's Cover the Triangles Using Color Sheet!

    • Take the triangles and a color sheet. Stick the color sheet on one side of the triangles and cut out the borders with some scissors. Cover the outer side of the triangle using the color paper similarly.

    Step 6: Let's Cover the Cereal Box Using Color Paper!

    • Now take the cereal box and a color paper. Cover the entire cereal box using the color paper and some glue. Cut out the unwanted color paper using scissors.

    Step 7: Let's Cut the Cereal Box Side!

    • Take the cutter and cut the cereal box side with it. Take a scale and fold the edge of the cut-out strip and cut it too. Apply some glue on the strip and stick it on the folding of the cereal box.

    Step 8: Let's Stick All 3 Sides of the Triangle!

    • Now take one triangle and stick all 3 sides of the triangle on the edges of the cereal box using glue. Make sure you leave a small portion of the box unstuck for making the opening of the purse.

    Step 9: Let's Cover the Purse Using Printed Paper!

    • Now to cover the purse, take a printed sheet. Cover the entire purse including the back and front side and handles using the printed sheet with the help of some glue.

    Step 10: Let's Fix Rubber and a Bead!

    • Take a rubber and a bead. Take pointer and fix the rubber through the opening end of the purse. Take the bead and using a pointer and wire fix the bead on the lower side of the purse opening opposite the rubber to make a button.

    Step 11: Conclusion

    It was so quick to make this cute gift bag,isn’t it! This purse can also be used in the form of an organizer for storing various makeup products while traveling. You can also add more decoration to the organizer using cute charms, beads, mirror crafts, laces, etc. So, how are you designing your gift bag,cum organizer?