Introduction: How to Make a Greeting Card

To make this greeting card you will need following material:-

Color paper (A4 size), Chart Paper, Glitter / Fomic Sheet, Pencil, Glue and Scissors.

Step 1: Cutting of Paper

Take nine A4 size paper in different colors. And all paper folds in a half. Now, draw the half balloon design on it and cut out. When cut out all papers, paste together from center.

Step 2: Pasting of Paper

Paste one side of a paper to its other side and apply this method to all papers. Now take a piece of paper and cut out in basket shape.

Step 3: Final Work

Take a piece of white chart paper and fold in a half. Paste these papers on the chart paper. Now take some stripe of glitter / fomic paper and paste it on the corner of basket and balloon. Thank You.

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