Introduction: How to Make a Guessing Game in Scratch

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I am going to guide you throughout the steps of creating your first game in Scratch!

Step 1: Variables

First, you will go to the variables section and press *Make a variable* and you are going to make 2 variables, one will be called Number1, the other will be called Number2

Step 2: Adding Your First Code

Next, you are going to insert the is code that is in the picture.

This code sets Number1 and Number2 to a random number and asks you "What is" Number1 * Number2.

Step 3: Finalising Your Code

This code adds the system to check whether or not your answer is correct.

This works by using the if, else statement to check your answer.

Step 4: Sharing Your Project Part-1

This is how the final design should look

Step 5: Sharing Your Project Part 2 of 4

Press the SHARE button in the top right corner

Step 6: Sharing Your Project - Part 3 of 4

You can now change the description of the project by clicking the boxes on the middle right side.

Step 7: Sharing Your Project - Part 4 of 4

Now you can press the top middle box to change the name of your project.

Step 8: Final

Now people can view and share your project.

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Please note this is a: beginner tutorial.