Introduction: How to Make a Hair Flower

Make a flower accessory for your hair with just a few items from the craft store.

Step 1: Items You'll Need

To make a hair flower, you'll need:

  • Fabric flower
  • Hot glue gun & gluestick
  • Hair clip (alligator style holds nicely)
  • Bit of ribbon (small scrap is fine)
  • Nippers

Step 2: Measure Ribbon

Covering the hair clip in ribbon is necessary to keep the flower on the clip. Without it, the hot glue won't hold.

Measure enough ribbon to cover the "clip" portion of your hair clip. You can also cover the pinch portion as well, but I tend to leave that off.

Step 3: Glue Ribbon

Apply hot glue to the top of your clip, then press onto the ribbon. Apply additional hot glue to the extra ribbon at the end, pinch open the clip, and fold inside. Add additional hot glue to ribbon edges and press together to fully encase the top half of the clip.

Step 4: Remove Flower Stem

Typically craft store fabric flowers come on a stem. Pull the stem out of the bottom of the flower, so you're left with just the plastic sepals in place to help hold it together.

Step 5: Trim Any Remaining Stem

Use the nippers to trim back any remaining stem portion. You want the back of the flower to be as flat as possible.

If you trim back too far, your flower will fall apart. If the petals are too loose or your flower starts to fall apart, add a large dollop of hot glue into the back and fill the hole.

Step 6: Attach to Clip

Add hot glue to the top of your hair clip, directly onto the ribbon. Press the flower onto the hot glue and ribbon. Hold for a second or two to ensure good adhesion.

Sometimes, if the plastic sepals are very thick, it's easier to attach your hair clip slightly to the side of the back of the flower.

Step 7: Rock Your Hair Flower!

Final step, clip into your hair in the style of your choosing, and rock your hair flower!