Introduction: How to Make a Halloween Wreath Decoration

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have you ever wanted a Halloween wreath but could not afford it this is a good option to make. I made this wreath with the help of my mom also


things you will need:

1. wreath wire

2. ribbon or mesh

3. light up pumpkins (optional but would recommend)

4. hot glue gun

5. Christmas ornaments that are Halloween colors

6. pipe cleaners

you can get all this stuff at walmart, michaels and your halloween store maybe but I got everything from the dollar store.

Step 1: How to Make Step 1

if you know how to make a regular wreath it is the same but you are hot glueing the extras on the wreath. But if not then this is how you do it

first you take cut your mesh into 3 inch wide blocks and your ribbon into 7 inch long pieces then you bunch mesh and ribbon and you rap the middle of it in a pipe cleaner my ratio was 1:1 but you can do whatever ration you want but it has to be proportional or it may look weird. and you continue with that step until you have the wire full.

Step 2: Step 2

then you use the hot glue to reinforce the parts on the ornaments that need to be reinforced but you don't have to. then you stick a pipe cleaner down the middle of the ornaments and the pumpkins and put them on your wreath. hope y'all have fun making this wreath and make sure to vote for me in the halloween contest

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