Introduction: How to Make: a Hanging Timber Ornament for the Garden or Driveway.

Hanging timber ornaments for the garden and driveway.

Things that are required:

* Timber logs & branches.

* Chainsaw.

* Fencing pliers.

* Roll of fencing wire.

* Drill with drill bit with larger diameter than fencing wire.

* Enthusiasm and creativity.

Step 1: Deciding What Timber to Use... and Finding It.

This is probably the most important step. Deciding what timber to use.

This will be a personal decision - I simply drove up the paddock, found some nice smooth Australian 'White Box'

Eucalypt hardwood. Dragged the log back and fired up the chainsaw.

I'd imagine that, to do it very cheaply, one would just simply use what is local to you.

Some nice Red Cedar, Maple or Cherry would make for some really nice colours.

Step 2: Cutting...

I made about 20 slices from a large log and another 20 from a slightly smaller section of the same smooth-bark log, each somewhere around the 3/4" to 1" thick (19mm to 25mm). This was all achieved by the use of a chainsaw. All necessary words of pre-cautions of using such a potential lethal device need to be adhered to, of which, I will not go into. Just make a careful judgement, and have a competent person do it for you should you not be capable.

Then around 50 small sections from a branch were sliced up - 2" to 3" in diameter (50 to 75mm).

Each of the smaller 'plates' were then drilled in the centre. The above photos show larger 'plates' from a section of a hollow log. in this case the hole was already pre-drilled so to speak.

Each of these smaller branches were then drilled, some from cut-side to cut-side, some from one round side to the other.

It is at this point that each 'plate' could be nicely sanded smooth, and a coat of clear-coat lacquer could be given. This would weather-proof the timber and make them nice and shiny when hung. Clearly I did not do this.

Step 3: Wiring Everything Up...

Next, get a length of fencing wire, and start adding each plate and then using the smaller drilled branches, add one or two, to become "spacers" for in between the individual "plates". Be creative. Use alternative sized 'plates', or even try using foot-long drilled sticks / small branches in place.

Once you are happy with the look and the length, cut the wire to length, (allowing for amply length at the top for tie-ing). At the bottom, simply tie some sort of knot or wrap the wire around a spacer at the bottom , to keep it all together once everything is hanging.

Another idea is to simply drill and use different lengths of sticks, as shown in some of these photos.

Step 4: Hanging...

Last step of course is to now hang the ornament up. Find a nice suitable location in your garden which to tie and hang the ornament up. Our driveway now has 13 of these ornaments hanging. It both amuses visitors, as well as makes some wonder what they are for.