Introduction: How to Make a Harvest Apron for the Garden

I have been making Harvest aprons for a few years now. I make all different colors, for adults or children.

This is an easy way to make your own!

You can Use the Harvest apron in many Different ways!

  • Use it for weeding
  • picking vegetables
  • picking fruit
  • collecting pine cones
  • nature walk
  • collecting eggs and so much more....

Step 1: Pick & Cut Your Fabric

1. First, pick 2 fabric designs you want to use to make your apron. if you just want one design that's fine too.

2. Second, Cut the outside fabric 36 inches long x 20 inches

3. Then, cut the inside fabric 18 inches long x 16 inches

4. Last, the bottom part of the apron has to be larger than the waist area to firm the elastic stretchy part. So what I do is, I find the middle and take off an inch of the outside fabric on both sides from the middle up.

Step 2: Pin

1.First, lay the outside fabric face down and the the inside fabric face up.

2. Second, fold the sides over on both sides and pin.

3. Third, Fold the top part over twice and pin.

4.Then, Leave the bottom unpinned, that is where the elastic will be in step 4

Step 3: Sew & Elastic

1. First, sew the top across.

2. sew down both the left and right side of the apron.

3. Next, cut a piece of elastic, almost the same size as the length of the front of the apron.

4. Then, put the elastic at the end, inside of the apron. Fold the fabric evenly over the elastic so it's like a sandwich.. (fabric, elastic, fabric) and pin it in place. Use the zigzag stitch to sew in the end of the elastic and fabric.

5. Last, Sew down the side of the fabric, encasing the elastic. Once you get done, put the elastic through to tighten up the material. cut elastic to fit your needs. sew elastic with a zigzag stitch to hold the elastic in place.

Step 4: Straps

1. First, I use the scrap fabric to make the straps.

2. Second, cut 2 pieces 12" inches by 3" inches

3. Third, fold the strap over 3 times and sew down the left and right side. fold over one end and zigzag stitch it.

4. Last, Stick the other end inside the waistband and zigzag stitch it closed. Do that to both sides.

Step 5: Fished

These apron's are perfect to keep your hands free while working in the yard or going on a nature walk..

Step 6: Harvest Aprons

To make a kid size, just cut the fabric a few inches shorter all the way around and add cut patches or buttons.

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