Introduction: How to Make a KbmodAYY Mask

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This is the official Intructable on how to make a kbmodAYY mask

Step 1: The Print

Step one is to go to google and type in kbmodAYY.
Download the picture and print it as large as you want then proceed to cut off the white parts.

Step 2: The Trace and the Cut

Do your best at tracing a NotSoPerfect square on a piece of cardboard. This is a meme and memes are never perfect.

Now grab your dullest knife and make your best attempt at cutting out the square WITHOUT cutting yourself. This is a deal breaker. Blood on a mask does not look good and you'll have to start over from Step 1.

Step 3: The Tape

Get your strongest double sided tape and cover the cardboard in it. This tape needs to last as long as this joke, which is -1 year. This joke is dead. I am pulling it out of its grave and shooting it some more.

It should look like pic #2 when done.

Step 4: The Other Thing

I stole some plastic paper binder thingies from work and cut them a bit short. This will be used to mount your own AYY to a hat!

Step 5: The Glue

Take any good glue or epoxy. I used some hardcore shit because I am hardcore.

Step 6: ALTERNATE Step 3: the Elastic Band

If you don't want an AYY that mounts to a hat, measure your noggin and cut a piece of elastic to fit it.

Step 7: ALTERNATE Step 4: the Staple

Staple the elastic band to the cardboard about 2/3rds of the way up the mask. This will give perfect angle of meme.

Step 8: The Finale

Now you can slather your cardboard in tape and slap that AYY right on there.

Your AYY is now complete! Congrats!

Step 9: The End

You now have your very own AYY in either v1 (elastic band) or v2 (hat clip) format. Use this new found knowledge sparingly because people will call you stupid if you make even a single AYY. Don't be like me, kids.