Introduction: How to Make a Key Fob From Loose String

You can use any old string you have laying around, old rope, paracord, even shoe laces!

Step 1:

Place your cord/shoelace/string through your keyring so that on either side of the ring is only one piece of string/cord/shoelace

Step 2:

Pick the length for your key fob. Once you've decided how long the fob should be, make a loop from the left strand over the right.

Step 3:

Wrap the right side strand over the loose left end

Step 4:

Bring it around the back of your two strands and through the loop we made in step 1. This will create a loose knot.

Step 5:

Pull the knot tight.

Step 6:

Using the right strand of your cord, make a loop like before

Step 7:

Wrap the left strand around the loose end of your loop, around the back and through the loop on the right

Step 8:

Repeat steps 3-7 Until you reach the desired length.

Step 9:

Cut the extra string from your fob.

Step 10:

Burn the edges with a lighter to seal the fob together. You may, with a damp finger press the ends closer to the knots for a cleaner look.