How to Make a LEGO Pen

Introduction: How to Make a LEGO Pen

You will need
- BluTack
- 1 LEGO 1x1 cone
- about 9 LEGO 1x1 round brick
- a pen ink tube
- 2 1x1 round plates

- Scissors

Step 1: Open the Pen

Unscrew or break the pen to get the ink tube out. All pens are different and some are easier to open than others. This will be the ink for the pen (they haven't made LEGO ink tubes yet). You may need to cut the tube so it is shorter.

Step 2: Building the Pen

Using 1x1 round tubes build the column of the pen. I used 9 of these pieces and I did cut the ink tube. Then add two 1x1 round plates to block the top of the pen.

Step 3: Nib of the Pen

Put some BluTack in a 1x1 cone piece to hold the ink tube in place. You don't need much.

Step 4: Finishing the Pen

Put the ink tube in the column of pieces that we built earlier and put the cone on top. You may have to peal some of the BluTack of the end of the pen. Then you are finished, yay :)

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6 years ago

I made one very similar with my brother a while ago :D nice job


6 years ago

This is a really interesting idea! I've never seen this before. How well do the LEGOs hold together? Would gluing them be a better option?


Reply 6 years ago

Maybe but I personally don't glue my LEGO pieces together.