Introduction: How to Make a Lamp

I do not throw away garbage of kitchen; I always try to make something with this waste material. This time I made a lamp (night lamp) with walnut shells and plastic bottle. You can make this lamp at home because it is very easy to make. To make this LED Lamp you will need following materials:-

Walnut shells, Plastic bottle (used), Old CD (Compact Disc), LED Light, Clingfilm, Chart Paper, Acrylic Paint (Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Orange and Gold colors), Stapler, Glue Gun and Scissors.

I hope will collect waste material of kitchen and make some things and share it.

Step 1: Basic Structure

To make the basic structure of lamp you will need chart paper. Take a piece of chart paper (14 x 24 inches). Roll the chart paper and make a cylinder shape. I made a cylinder of 14 inch long and 4.5 inch (12 CM, size of CD) of diameter. However, you can increase or decrease of size of lamp. Now, cover this chart paper cylinder with clingfilm and when done this, paste walnut shells of the cylinder with the help of glue gun. For pasting walnut shells start from the bottom of the cylinder.

Step 2: Color on the Lamp

Color of the lamp is very important; therefore, I used different color for best look of lamp. First of all make a mixture of Acrylic Paint (black and brown) and paint the lamp. Let it dry. Now, take green color (Acrylic Paint) and give little shard on lamp, also give shard of blue and orange. Let it dry. When completely dry, take gold color (Acrylic Paint) and give shard on lamp. Finally, color of lamp has completed, let it dry.

Step 3: Fitting of LED Light on Lamp

Just remove the chart paper from the lamp. Do not remove clingfilm from the lamp. Cut the extra clingfilm from the lamp. To fit LED light on lamp you will need a plastic bottle and a used CD. Take a plastic bottle and paste it on a CD (Compact Disc) with help of glue gun. If plastic bottle does not available then you can use PVC Pipe. Do not sue glass bottle because when LED light on may be glass bottle break due to heat. Now, take a LED light and roll on plastic bottle. LED light are available in different colors. My favorite is orange but you can use your favorite color. When done it paste lamp on CD with help of glue gun. Now, your walnut shell LED lamp is ready to use.

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