Introduction: How to Make a Lamp With Paper and CDs

To make this lamp you will need following material:-

Balloon, Paper, PVA Glue, Water, White Distemper Paint, CDs (Used), Glue, Bulb Holder, Wire, Chain, Pencil, Detail Knife, Scissors.

Step 1: Basic Structure

Take pieces of paper and paste it on the balloon. Use mixture of PVA glue & water for paste. Let it dry. Remove the balloon from the Lamp.

Step 2: Make the Shape

Draw the design on the lamp and cut out. Make a small hole on the top side of lamp. Paint vase with white distemper paint and let it dry.

Step 3: Decoration of Lamp

Collect used CDs and cut these CDs in different pieces. You can cut CD through scissors or pliers. Now take these pieces of CD and paste it on the lamp. Use glue for paste.

Step 4: Fitting of Chain & Bulb Holder

Make three small holes (for passing of wire) top side of the lamp. Now take two pieces of wire and pass it on the said three holes. Take chain and pass it in the wire and join the both wire. Take bulb holder and pass its wire on the small hole of lamp.

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