Introduction: How to Make a Landscape Hill Diorama

Welcome to my tutorial . In this tutorial I tried to make different style hills in one place. If you like the video press thumbs up button and subscribe my channel.


Plaster of Paris,

Acrylic Colors,


Glue gun,

Dried Moss,



Brushes and


Step 1: Making of Base

In this tutorial I used Plaster of Paris in powder form than I made a paste with water.I made a base with plaster of Paris .Let it dry .Now cut all extra edges with knife.Rough form is ready, ,now I used knife and made few marks on the base to looks real.

Step 2: Making of Hills

For making of hills, I used aluminium foil paper . Turn foil like a small hill now fill it with Plaster of Paris .Like I did.After drying its ready for detailing. For more detailing I used knife .You have to watch video for more detail.I made three hills and paste them on my base.

Step 3: Coloring

For coloring I used stone grey,raw sienna and black acrylic colors.I mixed acrylic colors with water than apply it on the hills.Firstly I applied stone grey than raw sienna.For making of trees I used tooth picks, color them than made small circles of dry moss for it.For more detail watch the video.

Step 4: Few Final Pictures

Here are few final pics of my project. A complete diorama is ready for display.I made it for my room decoration.

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