How to Make a Lebathon!

Introduction: How to Make a Lebathon!

This is where you'll find all you need to make a lebathon out of K'nex! Its powers:

  • Slashers
  • Punches
  • Tail whips


Step 1: The Pieces You'll Need...

  • Two white rods
  • Three yellow rods
  • Four grey/white mini rods
  • Two red connectors
  • Five mini green rods
  • Two yellow connectors
  • Two grey connectors
  • One green connector

Step 2: Starting Off...

Take the two grey connectors and put them together. Then attach the head (a green connector) with a mini green rod. Then attach one of the white/grey mini rods to the body (the two grey connectors that were put together.) and attach a red connector to the white/grey mini rod as shown.

Step 3: Step Two...

Then, on to the red connector, attach a mini green rod onto the red connector and attach another grey/white mini rod onto the red connector as shown.

Step 4: Step Three...

With the green rod in place to connect the pieces together, put a yellow connector onto the mini green rod. Put another green mini rod onto the yellow so that it looks like the picture.

Step 5: Step Four...

Put one of the yellow rods onto the remaining grey bit on the side you're working on for a hind leg, and attach the tail (a yellow rod on the back of the body) to the body.

Step 6: Step Five...

Repeat all of those actions on the other side! There is more steps for that, so don't start working unless you know what you're doing perfectly!

Step 7: Step Six...

Attach a white mini rod on the other front side of the body and put a red connector on the bottom of the white mini rod (front leg).

Step 8: Step Seven...

Put a mini green rod onto the middle bit of the red connector and attach a grey/white mini rod onto the bottom (to finish the front leg.).

Step 9: Step Eight...

Put the yellow connector onto the mini green rod and put a mini green rod on the other side as well.

Step 10: Step Nine...

Add the hind legs (yellow rods) and tail. You're done!

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