Introduction: How to Make a Life Size Halo 3 Battle Rifle

This is my tutorial on how to make a LIFE SIZE Halo 3 Battle Rifle out of cardboard and duct tape. It is one of many life size Halo weapons that I have made. All of the guns/weapons that I have made are made using the same process; first, cut out two flat side views of the weapon. Second, attach the two together with strips of cardboard on the sides (usually 1" wide.) Then finally coloring the weapon with different colors of "Duck Tape." Here is a list of the materials needed:

-LOTS of cardboard (corrugated type-NOT cereal box cardboard)
-1 paper towel roll and 1 toilet paper roll (only cardboard, not toilet paper/ towels)
-Duct tape, black, grey-silver, teal/ light blue, and any other colors you want to add
-Guide pic(s) ( mine that I used is posted on step 1)
-Protractor (opional, I used for angles to be right)

Step 1: Guide Pictures and Gun Frame Cutting

In this step, you need to use the guide pic to draw out the side view of the gun on the cardboard. Using the dimensions on the picture, draw out the shape of the gun on a large piece of cardboard. DO NOT draw the rail/bridge thingy that holds up the scope or the barrel on the cardboard. Cut this out and trace it onto another large piece of cardboard and cut this out. You should now have 2 -28" side views of the battle rifle.

Step 2: Frame Connection

This step takes the most time and gets REALLY boring. You tape 1 inch "walls" on one of the cut-outs all the way around the gun/piece (like the rail thingy.) After this is done, you place the other cutout on top so there is about a 1 inch "wall" between the two cut-outs then tape on. Tip- make sure the taping is very strong so the pieces don't fall apart or cave in.  This method works on all halo/other replica guns/swords.

Step 3: Coloring

This is the generally easy part- using black, silver-gray, and teal "Duck Tape" and the guide picture with the dimensions, coat the gun with duct tape so it makes the design so that is shown on the guide pic. Don't worry about neatness now- you can clean that up later. Don't forget to tape the edges!

Step 4: Adding the Details

Now you make the rail, scope, barrel, and trigger and color them. For the rail, do the same thing you did with the gun but the sides are the rail shape. Color this withe the silver-gray tape. On the end that will be facing you (the stalk) , put a small rectangle of teal duct tape for the ammo counter and write any # that you want for the amount of ammo "in" the gun.  For the scope, use the toilet paper tube, cut a straight line down the middle of the tube on only one side so it can roll up so the circumference is smaller. Make the diameter about 1"-1.5" for the tube. To attach to the gun, wrap a small silver-gray colored strip of cardboard 3/4 of the way around so it makes a U shape. Tape this onto the scope so the 2 "prongs" are on the BOTTOM of the scope. If done Correctly, these "prongs" will clip on to the rail. Color this too with the silver-gray duct tape. On each end of the scope, tape circles of cardboard on and cover each end with teal duct tape. One one of these sides, put a + shaped sight or whatever shape you want. For the barrel, do the same as the scope just with a paper towel tube and one end has a slit in the end. Attach another one of these below and it should be shorter. Color both of these with the silver-gray duct tape. For the trigger, make a trigger shape using the technique used in step 2. Color this black. Make the trigger guard with a black colored strip of cardboard.

Step 5: Done!

You are finally done with your life size Halo 3 BR55HB SR! You can coustomize it however you like and I would love to see your creativity! If possible, post a comment with a pic of your gun and any coustomizations and I would love it!

Thanks for your support and stay creative!