Introduction: The Carnivorous Pumpkin

Hey guys! Wow, its been a REALLY long time since I made one of these. But I'm back! For this halloween I decided to make a carnivorous pumpkin. Last year, I made a cannababialistic pumpkin, and this year, i was a bit inspired by last years one.

Things You Need:
-Pumpkin knives
-Pumpkin Scraper
-Clay scraper/plastic knife
-Electric Pumpkin carver (optional, used for cleaning up the cuts)
-Wax pencil/crayon
-Prop severed arm
-Fake blood (optional)
-Trash bag (for pulp)

"It would be fun carving pumpkins, they said. I would enjoy it, they said."

~Billy's last words before being devoured by his pumpkin

Step 1: Drawing the Outline

This step is pretty simple. All you have to do is draw the outline of the pumpkin's face using the wax pencil/crayon. I just made a simple design, but you can do whatever you want, whether it is simple or complicated. As long as its mouth (space between teeth) is wide enough to fit the prop arm in, you are fine.

Step 2: Cutting the Facial Featres

For this, you first need to have fully cleaned the pumpkin, pulp and all. Then cut along the outline you drew in using the wax pencil. Make sure not to cut the teeth too thin, or scraping the skin off them could result in the tooth being pulled off. Use just a basic pumpkin carver for cutting.

Step 3: Scraping the Teeth and Eyes

To give the teeth and eyes more definition, use the clay scraper or whatever tool you chose, and scrape off just the skin of the pumpkin on each tooth and pupil of the eyes. What I did was first, use the corner of the scraper and cut a shallow line just past the skin layer that went along the very edge of the tooth where it connected to the rest of the pumpkin, then CAREFULLY scraped off the rest of the skin on the tooth. Same for the pupils, but this time the line that I cut with the corner of the scraper was curved around the edge of the eye.

Step 4: Adding the Severed Arm

I just went out to my local "Spirit Halloween" store and bought one of these for a reasonable price. The only thing that matters is that the end of the arm where it got "chopped off", or the opposite end from the hand, needs to have at least 3" of soft fabric of the sleeve with nothing in it. This is so the arm can be pulled through the mouth of the pumpkin and stay there. (Sorry i explained that poorly. Look at the picture of the final to see what i mean.) now simply push as much of the sleeve into the mouth of the pumpkin about an inch, and when you get a small amount of the sleeve IN the pumpkin, take off the top of the pumpkin and pull the rest of the 3-4" of the sleeve through. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK ANY OF THE TEETH! PUSH/PULL CAREFULLY AND GENTLY!

Step 5: Done!

Now you may use a toothpick to hold the arm in the mouth, but I didn't need to because of how close together I made the teeth. Now you are ready to scare some trick-or-treaters with this vicious looking pumpkin! (Also sorry for the lack of photos... I forgot how detailed these should be xD)
Happy Halloween!


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