Introduction: How to Make a Lightsaber

Here you will learn how to make a lightsaber using just a polycarbonate tube, a PVC pipe, a solder, and some LEDs!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

-LED lights (whatever color you want) $10 -

-1 inch diameter clear polycarbonate tube $10 -

-1/4 inch diameter PVC pipe $5 -

-Soldering iron $22 -

-Solder $6 -

-9V battery $10 -

-Duct tape $4 -

-Insulated wire $6 -

-2 position switch $6 -

-Purple spray paint $6 -

-3D printer

-Hand saw

-Wire cutter/stripper

Step 2: Use CAD to Design and Print a Hilt

Using the CAD software of your choice, design a hilt for the lightsaber. We made the inner diameter of the handle 1.02 inches so that the outer diameter of 1 inch of the polycarbonate tube would fit tightly into the opening. To design the handle, we used OnShape, but feel free to use whatever program you are best with.

Step 3: Put the Polycarbonate Tube in the Hilt

Take the polycarbonate tube and slip it into the opening of the hilt. Put it far enough down so that it will not fall out, and then measure the length of the tube that remains outside of the handle.

Step 4: Cut the PVC

Now that you have the measurement of the polycarbonate tube that sticks out of the hilt, otherwise known as the blade, mark off the same length on the PVC. Cut the PVC to this length so that it will fit perfectly into the polycarbonate tube once the lights are attached.

Step 5: Put the LEDs on the PVC Tube

The LEDs that we used has adhesive on the back, and made it really easy to stick to the PVC. Other options are to use strips that do not have adhesive and to glue the lights on, or to use single LED bulbs and to suspend them in the middle of the tube between two wires.

Step 6: Cut the Wire

Cut two lengths of wire that will run the entire length of the lightsaber, including both the blade and the hilt

Step 7: Solder the LED Wires to the Insulated Wires

Take all of the positive, or red, wires from the LEDs and solder them on to one of the wires that runs the length of the saber. Then, take all of the negative, or black, wires from the LEDs and solder them on to the second wire, making sure that the two wires are never touching.

Step 8: Run the Wires Down

Take the two long wires that have been soldered and run them all the way down the length of the lightsaber, making sure they come out of the bottom of the hilt

Step 9: Solder Small Bits of Wire to the Battery

First, tape the battery to the very bottom of the hilt. Then, solder on a piece of insulated wire to both the negative and positive sections of the battery and leave a small, exposed part at the end.

Step 10: Attach the Switch

Now, take the wires coming from the battery and the wires coming from the lights and twist the positive wires together and the negative wires together. Then, attach the wires to the switch with both of the positives making contact with the "On" section and both of the negatives making contact with the "Off section."

Step 11: Spray Paint the Blade (optional)

We spray painted the blade of the lightsaber purple to match the lights, but this is optional.

Step 12: Now, Flip the Switch and Watch It Work

With all of the wires connected and the battery full, flip the switch and see the lightsaber turn on!