Introduction: How to Make a Magazine Cover

Make this unique and editorial magazine cover by using adobe photoshop

Step 1: Find an Image That's a Symmetrical Headshot

Step 2: Make Sure When You Place the Image in Photoshop That the Image Is NOT the Background Layer

Step 3: Then Make a Copy of Your Headshot Layer

these two layers should be next to each other at ALL times

Step 4: Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool, Select a Row of Your Image

Step 5: Then Take the Selected Part of the Picture and Drag Slightly to Whatever Direction Left or Right

Do this with the move tool

Step 6: Then Go to Hue and Saturation and Press Colorize and Than Adjust the Selected Rows Color

Step 7: Continue Repeating These Steps Throughout the Picture

But make you alternate which way you drag your row is!!

Step 8: Make Sure Your Picking Different Colors for Every Row!

Step 9: Then Select a Filter of Choice on a Layer

I choose the grain filter!

Step 10: The Final Step Is Put the Magazine Name on a New Layer and Make Sure to Center It

Do this by using the type tool