Introduction: How to Make a Majora's Mask Clay Charm

Do you want to make your own Majora's Mask charm but have been intimidated by how complicated it looks?
This tutorial will break it down into several easy and manageable steps with lots of reference pictures to help you along.

Here are the materials that you will need:

Polymer clay (purple, red, white, green, blue, yellow, orange, black)
Eye pin
Clay tools

Step 1: Getting Started

Using purple clay, make a heart shape. It should be fairly flat with rounded edges. You can make a light line down the middle of it to help keep your details centered.

Using a thin snake of red clay outline the design that will form the middle of the face. Once you are satisfied with the shape you can fill it in with red clay. Carefully smooth it out.

Step 2: Eyes

Using your clay tool make two holes for the eyes.
Fill the holes using yellow or orange clay to make the eyes. Add a small spot of green in the middle for the iris and a black spot inside of that for the pupil.

Step 3: Adding Details - Black Lines

Make a super thin black snake to add black lines to the mask.

Start with outlining the eyes with black clay.

Add the two yellow pieces to the top of the mask.

Outline the yellow pieces with black  clay. Add 6 black strips to the top of each yellow piece.

Outline the red of the the mask with black clay

Step 4: Adding Details - Light Lines

You can do these lines with white clay, or as I did with off white clay (purple tinted and red tinted)

Add the purple tinted detail lines above the eyes and to the sides of the face.

Add the red tinted line underneath the eyes in the red area. (mouth area.)

Step 5: Adding Details: Green Sides, Yellow Triangles

Add green clay in the little triangle shape formed by the purple tinted lines on the side of the mask.

Using very thin pieces of clay, add three yellow triangle shapes above each eye.

Step 6: Add the Spikes and an Eyepin. and We Are Done!

If you haven't done so yet, smooth the line running down the middle of the mask.

Using a pointy clay tool add some small holes to the mask.
1 set of two between the eyes.
4 sets of two running down the mouth area
3 sets of two running down the forehead area

Add two yellow spikes to the top of the mask.

Add 4 spikes to each side of the mask. They should be ordered from top to bottom: yellow, red, green, blue.

Insert an eyepin into the top of the charm.

Bake according to your clay direction and add a glaze if desired.

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