Introduction: How to Make a Metal Logo

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a metal logo to help unleash your inner rage and score a sick record deal for your band.


Something to draw on

A passion for the antichrist

Step 1: Start With a Simple Word

In this case I was making a logo for my friend Mishka. Keep the text super simple so you can add to it. Try not to spend too long on this step cause I can already feel the norse gods mocking us.

Step 2: Make It a Little Spooky

You want the font to be hard to read, and the word to take some sort of shape. Ideally the logo illegible so the better the shape of the word is, the better the logo is. This is looking pretty decent so far, so let's check with our friends.

Step 3: Check With a Friend

Uh oh! It only took Torbjørn 5 minutes to figure out what it says! Let's head back and add some detail.

Step 4: Add More Detail

Remember: logos that people can read are for losers and nerds, so add more unnecessary detail!

Step 5: Color It!

While metal logos are traditionally only black and white, if your logo is badass enough people will be too scared to criticize some colors.

Step 6: Unleash the Fury of Your Nordic Ancestors

This logo was the last step to opening the gates of hell. Sorry mom.