Introduction: How to Make a Metal Vintage Brooch With Aqua Glass Beads

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Metal vintage brooches are works of art in some ways and are worth collecting and gifting. Besides pinning brooches on your evening dresses or daily outfits, you can also pin them in your hair paired with a casual bun. Is it fresh to you? Any creative idea can be a new trend. Now just follow the below step by step tutorial to make a gorgeous brooch for yourself or your friends.

Step 1: ​What Do You Need to Make a Metal Brooch?

10mm Glass pendant, Heart, Aqua

18mm Tibetan Style Bead Cap, Flower

32mm Tibetan Style Bead, Flat Round

42mm Tibetan Style Bead, Flower

Brass Hanger Links

2mm Aluminum Wire, Silver

2mm Aluminum Wire, Olive

1.5mm Aluminum Wire, Silver

27mm Iron Pin Back, Silver (Not Shown)

Round Nose Plier (Not Shown)

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Hot Glue Gun

Step 2: Make the Middle Embellishment

1st, glue the heart glass pendant on 18mm flower bead cap;

2nd, glue the flower bead cap on 32mm flat round bead;

3rd, snip a piece of 1.5mm aluminum wire, bend it and thread two hanger links;

4th, bend the aluminum wire to wrap the 32mm flat round bead and coil both ends with each other for securing.

Step 3: Bend Two Triangles

1st, rotate above ring to hide the ends;

2nd, snip two pieces of 2mm silver aluminum wire measuring 12cm;

3rd, bend the wires in half into triangles; 4th, take one wire and coil both ends at a hanger link, repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Make Coils

1st, snip two pieces of 1.5mm aluminum wire and make two spiral coils with intervals;

2nd, snip four short strips from olive aluminum wire;

3rd, wrap the ends of one spiral coil at the ring per side; 4th, coil two circles with a short strip at each side of the triangles.

Step 5: Finish the Brooch

1st, snip two olive aluminum wires to attach the 42mm flower bead to the back side by twisting;

2nd, glue the 32mm flat round bead on the 42mm flower bead from right side;

3rd, glue pin back to the back side.

Step 6:

Compare with other fine jewelry, a metal vintage brooch with beads can be same good if you devote full energy and enthusiasm to make it. Let’s get started now!