Introduction: "How to Make a Milk Pie"

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Hi.. I'll make Indonesian favourite dessert, its called "Milk Pie". So lets get started. Here is the ingredients and also the tools that you will need, if you want to make a Milk Pie.


• Tools :
1. Baking pan
2. Scissor
3. A plate for egg pie
4. A small basin
5. A fork
6. A small filter
7. A spoon

• Ingredients :
1. 200gr flour
2. 75gr margarine
3. 5 eggs
4. A tin of vanilla milk
5. A small glass of hot water
6. A half spoon of vanilli essence
7. Cheese

Step 1: "How to Make Milk Pie"

1. Mix the flour and the margarine use your hand properly. After that, put the batter in the plate, then flattened the batter well. Use the fork to make the line outside the batter, and some point in the batter, like the picture above.

Step 2: "How to Make Milk Pie"

2. Next, heat the baking pan with small flame. Then, make the fla of milk pie by mix some eggs, a tin of vanilla milk, hot water, and a half spoon of vanilli essence properly using a spoon. After getting mixed up, then filtering the fla using small filter.

Step 3: "How to Make Milk Pie"

3. After the baking pan is hot, put the outer shell of egg pie that you have make it before, then pour the fla and bake it for 30 minutes with small flame.

Step 4: "How to Make Milk Pie"

4. Finally, after the pie has cooked, picked it up and wait until it become cool for a while, then give a last touching by grate the cheese on that milk pie to make it be more beautiful and interesting.