Introduction: “how to Make a Seath for Your Tissue Box"

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Holla, today I'm going to make a beautiful sheath for the tissue box. Its simple and easy to make. So, lets get started. If you want to make a sheath for your tissue box, you will need :


• Tools :
1. Ruler
2. Scissor
3. Special glue tool

• Materials :
1. Some flanette
2. Some cotton
3. A box of tissue
4. A pen
5. Some glue

Step 1: “how to Make a Seath for Your Tissue Box"

1. Cut some flannels widhth 7 cm, and don’t forget to cut flannel for the top and bottom of the tissue. You can cut it like the size of the box of the tissue.

Step 2: " How to Make a Sheath for Your Tissue Box "

2. After cut some flannels into some pieces, then glue them on the outside of the tissue box. Use special glue tool to glue those flannel.

Step 3: “how to Make a Seath for Your Tissue Box"

3. Then, cut the flannel for the top of the tissue box that had been cut before, cut it just like the way you like it. After that glue it.

Step 4: “how to Make a Seath for Your Tissue Box"

4. Finally, put the tissue box together. Don’t forget to decorate it, to make it be more beautiful and interesting. In this situation I use some cherries and other things, because the theme of this tissue box is “Rainbow Cake”. Now, you can make this simple nice seath for your tissue box easily and use it in your house :)