Introduction: How to Make a Mini Lego Sherman Tank

I will show you about how to build a mini lego Sherman that will dominate the battlefield, destroying everything in its path!!!

Step 1: Materials for Your Sherman

In order to make this awesome tank, you will need

- 4 1X4 round technic pieces

- 3 2X3 pieces

- 3 1X1 sloped

- 1 1X3 piece

- 3 1X2 tiles

- 2 axle w. grooves

- 1 1X2 brick with 2 holes

- 1 1X3 tile

-1 1X2 piece

- 1 1X1 brick with 4 studs around

- 2 1X1 pieces

- 2 1X1 tiles

- 2 1X2 jumper plate

- 1 telescope piece

- 2 technic connectors

Step 2: the Tracks

First, we will be making the tracks of the tank.

Grab 2 1X4 round technic pieces and 1 axle with groove piece and put the axle into the 1X4

Step 3: The Tracks Cont.

Next, grab the 1X2 brick with 2 holes and 2 technic connectors and insert the 2 connector pieces into the 1X2.

Make sure a half of the connector piece are sticking out from each side of the brick.

Step 4: Assembling the Tracks

Repeat step 2 and then grab the pieces from step 3 and stick the other half of the connector piece into the tracks,

Do the same with the other track.

Step 5: Building the Body

First, grab 3 2X3 pieces, put 2 together and then put the last 2X3 on top, in the middle.

Make sure they are connected.

Step 6: Making the Angled Armor

Second, grab 3 1X1 sloped pieces and put them on 1 side of the body.

Step 7: Building the Tank's Back

Now, grab 1 1X3 and put it at the back of the tank.

Step 8: Making the Body Cont.

Next, grab 1 1X2 jumper plate and then put it in the middle of the tank.

Step 9: Making the Body Cont.

Finally for the body, grab 2 1X2 tiles and 1 1X3 tile and then put the 2 1X2's beside the jumper plate and the 1 1X3 goes behind the jumper plate.

Step 10: Making the Turret

First, grab 1 1X1 brick with 4 studs around it and 2 1X1 pieces and put the 2 1X1 pieces opposite of each other, on the 1X1 brick with 4 studs.

Step 11: Making the Turret Cont.

Second, grab 1 1X2 piece and put it on one side of the 1X1 brick.

Step 12: Making the Turret Cont.

Third, grab 1 1X2 tile and put it on the 1X2 piece.

Step 13: Making the Turret Cont.

Next, grab 2 1X1 tiles and put one on each 1X1 piece.

Step 14: Making the Turret Cont.

Then, grab 1 1X2 jumper plate and put it opposite of the 1X2 piece.

Step 15: Making the Turret Cont.

Finally, grab 1 telescope piece and put it on the jumper plates single stud.

Step 16: Assembling the Tank

Grab all the parts that you made and put them together, it should be very simple :).

Step 17: Congrats!! Your Done :D :P

Hooray, you hopefully did it!!!!

Now that your tank is assembled, it will be rolling out, KA-BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!