Introduction: How to Make a Mouse Trap Car

This is my mouse trap car its pretty simple and I came out of just winging it.What a mouse trap is a toy car that runs on wheels and is powered on by a mouse trap. It uses the mouse trap as a lever to propel itself forward. I used what I knew about how mousetrap worked and how they looked. I used this to make my own out of scratch. I did mess up on showing some materials such as zip ties and straws in the materials pictures I showed. Also I forgot to add the picture to the step that shows how to add the mouse trap onto the car, the string, and the zip ties.

Step 1: Materials

  • 1 straw
  • 4 cds
  • Mousetrap
  • String
  • Tape
  • Two BBQ skewer
  • Dowels
  • Three zip ties
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Paper clip

Step 2: Base With Left Arm

You first get a rectangular piece of cardboard and a cardboard arm. (I recommend reinforcing the left and right card board arm with popsicle stick.)Then after you get both pieces of cardboard you tape it to the left side of the box, make make sure to put it on the left long ways side. Also make a little hole at the end of the cardboard arm so that a piece of the straw can fit. Make sure to cut the straw not too small and not too big so that the piece of straw and fit through. Make sure to put the straw through the hole. Tape the straw on once in the hole.

Step 3: Base With Left and Right Arm

After you attach the left arm, you attach the right. The first thing your have to do is tape the right arm. Make sure to reinforce the arm with popsicle sticks. After you attach the right arm to the cardboard base you make a little hole big enough so that another piece of straw but not to small and not to big it can go through. Make sure to put in the straw into the hole.(Tape the straw on once in the hole).

Step 4: Base With Right Back Leg

After you attack the two arms you attach the right rear leg. First you get a small, big enough piece of cardboard, not to big either. Remember to reinforce it with popsicle sticks. You Tape it to the bottom right part of the card board base and make a hole through the end of the leg so that a small piece of straw can fit through the hole. Tape the straw on once in the hole.

Step 5: Base With Left Back Leg

After attaching the right back leg you attach the left rear leg. You get a small piece of cardboard, but not to small. Connect the piece of cardboard with the rear left side of the base and you tape it on. After you tape it on you make a hole at the end on the piece of cardboard so that a small piece of straw can fit through. Once you fit the straw in the hole you tape it on.

Step 6: First Wheel

After you finish the base you make the wheels.So the first thing you want to do is get the skewer and break the point off. After breaking the point part off use a small square piece of cardboard and fit it through the skewer and fit the CD after and close it up with another small piece of cardboard. Remember to tape the pieces of cardboard onto the skewer.

Step 7: Wheel Through the Front Part of the Car

After making the first part of the wheel put it in through the two straws at the end of the card board pieces.

Step 8: Closing Up the First Wheel

Next, fit the wheel through the two straws. Use another piece of small squared cardboard to fit it through the end of the skewer. Then fit another CD through the skewer until it touches the small pice of cardboard. After you fit the CD through the skewer fit a piece of cardboard through the secure the CD on the skewer. Make sure to tape the pieces of cardboard onto the CD.

Step 9: Making Second Wheel Second Wheel

Repeat this for the other wheel, in the last section.

Step 10: Close Up the End of the Back Wheel

After you make the second wheel attach it to the car. Fit the wheel through the back leg straws. After the wheel is through the straws get a small squared piece of cardboard through the skewer. Then fit in the CD through and after it touches the small piece of cardboard fit in another small piece of cardboard through the skewer. Remember to tape the small pieces of cardboard on to the CD.

Step 11: Mouse Trap on Base

After your finished with the body you need to add the mouse trap. The first thing to do is get some zip ties and a dowel. You get the mouse trap and you get the dowel then you use the zip ties to attach the dowel to the mouse trap. The way you connect the zip tie to the mouse trap is by putting the dowel were the side to the metal part is then get the zip ties and you attach the dale to the mouse trap. Find were you want put it on the top on the side of the metal part of the mouse trap. To attach it you use hot glue to glue it on the car. After all that you should have connected the dowel onto the mouse trap with zip ties. Then attach it using hot glue onto the top of your car.

Step 12: Finished, Decorate!

After closing up the last wheel and attaching the mouse trap, your finished its time to decorate, be creative!