Introduction: How to Make a Mousetrap Car

Simple and easy steps to make a Mousetrap Car.

Step 1: Materials

. A piece of cardboard
. 4 dowels
. 2 bbq skewers
. Vector mousetrap
. About 10 inches of string
. 3-4 zip locks
. 1-2 straws

Step 2: Disassemble the Mousetrap

Get your mousetrap, pull out the hooks and the fake cheese out. Make sure that the mouse trap still works. You will also need the U shape metal piece later on so don’t loose it.

Step 3: Cutting a V Shape and Glueing the Mousetrap

Get the card board piece that your going to use and draw a V in a short side. Then you cut it out with your cardboard cutter. Then you glue the Mousetrap on to the cardboard so that the red V on the Mousetrap is facing the V that you cut out.

Step 4: Zip Locking the Dowel Onto the Mousetrap

You take your dowel and place it next to an arm of the mousetrap you. You then use your zip locks to tie the arm and the dowel together. (I recommend using smaller ziplocks, the picture that showed the ziplocks are wrong, I used small ones) Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t come apart.

Step 5: Glueing the BBQ Skewers Onto the Car and Glueing the Straw

You glue your skewers on to the sides of the car so that the ends meet to about half of the mousetrap. You should use hot glue because it works really well. Then you measure the straw behind and under the car so that it fits perfectly. Then you also glue it to the car.

Step 6: Glueing Cardboard for the Wheels and Adding Straw

You cut about 2 cardboard pieces that are about 5.5 inches. When folding the pieces, glue them together. Then you fold the pieces of cardboard and and then you glue them onto the from side for your car where the wheels are at like in the pictures. Once the glue has dried off, you cut out two pieces of straw that are also about 5.5 inches and you glue them onto your cardboard pieces that you just done.

Step 7: Making the Wheels and Adding It

You get a disk, then you tape a piece or cardboard on the center of the disk and you poke a hole threw the middle with your dowel. Then you do it to all of the wheels. When your finished with that, you glue a wheel onto one side of the dowel. You do that to the other dowel as well. Make sure you don’t connect both of the wheels to one dowel yet.

Step 8: Connecting the Wheels

You put the wheels in the straws for the straws in the front and back. You then put on the other wheels to the sides of the dowel that don’t have a wheel yet. Make sure to glue them so they don’t come off.

Step 9: Adding the String

With your string, you make a knot and tie it on the end of the arm that’s on the Mousetrap. Tape it to make sure it doesn’t come off. For the other end of the string you make another knot and maybe glue to make sure.

Step 10: Adding the Hook

With a piece of the mousetrap that you took off, make it into a hook. You glue the hook on the axel for the string. Make sure there is room to wind up the string so the wheels roll.

Step 11: Finished

Once you finished, you can then decorate it the way you want to. Enjoy!