Introduction: How to Make a Multipurpose Pot

• Paper
• Cartons
• Glue
• thread

• Glass
• Ruler

Step 1:

1. The first step, prepare the tools and materials that will be used.

Step 2:

2. Then start by making a circle using a glass mold, circling according to the circumference of the glass using a pencil, then cutting to follow the lines. After the cardboard is circular, stick it with red paper that has also been formed a circle.

Step 3:

3. Next, prepare the whole paper and cut it sideways, the right side down 8 cm, line up using a pencil to mark, then cut in line.

Step 4:

4. Then, make a 1 cm wide cut yellow, cut it and then stick it on the top side of the red paper.

Step 5:

5. After that, prepare a solid yellow paper to make flowers on the POT side. The yellow paper is folded up to form a wrinkle. The point is to give decoration

Step 6:

6. Yellow paper (no.5) take the middle part, then tied using yarn.

Step 7:

7. Then, cut 4 cm x 4 cm size paper to make decorations. Which will be attached to the POT side.

Step 8:

8. After everything is ready, the steps and materials contained in no.2 and no.3 we combine, by circulating the no.3 material in no.2. loop and then glue it.

Step 9:

9. On the adhesive side, stick the decoration we made on no.5. the goal is to cover the former connection.

Step 10:

10. After that, we are free if you want to add other decorations according to our wishes.

Step 11:

11. This pot can be used in various functions. for plate make up , pen , pencil , etc.