Introduction: How to Make a Nakamura Lock Paper Airplane

Hello here you will learn how to make a Nakamure lock .

The Nakamura Lock is a classic airplane that flies great. If you are learning how to fold only one paper airplane, this is it.


Step 1: Materials Needed

Alright here is all you need to get started.

A regular piece of rectangle paper that's 8.5 x 11.0 inches.

or really any piece a paper but some people need to know everthing.

Step 2: STEP 2

put some music in the back for your onw enjoyment and lets get started.

Step 3: STEP 3

Fold the paper in half.

Step 4: STEP 4


Step 5: STEP 5

Fold both top corners down to the center, creating a pointy peak.

Step 6: STEP 5.5

Step 7: STEP 6

Fold the top part down.

Step 8: STEP 6.5

Step 9: STEP 7

Fold both top corners down to the center without making a pointy peak. A little bit of the top must be flat.

Step 10: STEP 8

Fold the center flap up.

Step 11: STEP 9

Fold the right half over to the left.

Step 12: STEP 10

Fold the a part of the wing over to the right like you see in the picture.

Step 13: STEP 12

Turn the paper over.

Step 14: STEP 13

Unfold both wings and you're all done. Now you need to learn how to fly it! Ready for takeoff?

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