Introduction: How to Make a Oil Pump Model

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of changing the oil in your car? Well with this in-depth project you will be able to learn what goes into an oil pump! It's quick, easy, and interactive.

Level of expertise: Basic to Novice

Safety concerns: Be careful when using certain tools (Exacto knife and scissors) throughout this project. If you are a kid, make sure an adult is present.


1 stick of plumbers putty

Pair of Scissors

1 2L of Pepsi Milk Jug

1 ft of 1-inch wide Clear Plastic Tubing

1 roll of toilet paper

1 tube of cardboard

1 Sharpie

Elmer's glue

1 Tupperware Large container

Step 1:

Take the Toilet Paper Tube and Measure Off 2 to 3 Inches of the Tube

Step 2:

Cut a Piece Into the Size of 2 to 3 Inches With a Pair of Scissors

Step 3:

Cut Lengthwise on One Side of the Tube, to Make It a Flat Piece

Step 4:

Roll the Tube Up to the Size Smaller Than the Hole in the Clear Plastic Tube, Don’t Worry About the Excess It’ll Take Care of Itself

Step 5:

Line a Thin Layer of Glue Along the Inside of the Newly Constructed Tube

Step 6:

Insert the cardboard tube into the clear plastic tube, make sure that it is even from end to end.

Step 7:

Tear Off 3 Squares of Toilet Paper and Fold Them in on Each Other to Make One Square That Is 3 Squares Thick

Step 8:

Roll the Square of Toilet Paper Until It Is Made Into a Tube. Want to Make It Look Like a Scroll.

Step 9:

Insert the Toilet Paper Scroll Into the Cardboard End of the Clear Plastic Tube

Step 10:

Let the Glue Dry for About 5 Min, or Until You Can Pull on It Without It Moving

Step 11:

Take One End of the Clear Plastic Tubing and Place It Up Against the Milk Jug, Then Take the Sharpie and Carefully Outline the Tube.

Step 12:

Take Your Razor Knife or Scissors and Puncture a Hole Inside of the Plastic, Take a Sharpie and Make a Circle

Step 13:

Then Carefully Drag the Razor Knife Along the Outline of the Circle. Make Sure to Keep It Inside the Circle, Because We Can Always Take More Off Later.

Step 14:

Then Attempt to Insert the Clear Plastic Tube Into the Milk Jug. If the Hole Is Too Small Carefully Take Out More of the Plastic With the Razor Knife to Make It Fit. You Want the Tube to Fit Into the Milk Jug As Tight As Possible.

Step 15:

Once the Tube Is Inserted, Remove It and Take Out Your Plumbers Putty.

Step 16:

Take Out About 1 Inch of Plumbers Putty, Roll It Around and Play With It in Your Hands to Get It Well Mixed.

Step 17:

Line the Inside of the Circle With a Thin Layer of Plumbers Putty. Insert the Clear Plastic Tube With the Cardboard Side Going Into the Milk Jug. Twist It Around and Get It to Fit In, This Allows the Plumbers Putty to Create a Watertight Seal. Only allow the clear plastic tubing to go about ¼ of an inch inside the milk jug.

Step 18:

In your hands roll out the rest of the plumbers putty into a long roll of putty. Place the putty on the outside of where the plastic tube and milk jug meet. Take your finger and press into the putty to make it tight and compact on the milk jug, also drag your finger down the putty to create a base on the milk jug.

Step 19:

Give the putty 15 min to let it harden and create that watertight seal. It's best to take the toilet paper roll and support the tube so it doesn’t warp.

Step 20:

Place the cardboard on the table to catch any leaks or spills

Step 21:

Once the putty is dried, fill the milk jug with your dark liquid of choice.

Step 22:

Place your liquid catcher, in this case, the Tupperware, on the table. Then lift up the milk jug to where the tube is facing down and above the liquid catcher. Let gravity do the work and watch the liquid run through your model oil pump.