Introduction: How To: Make a Paper Airplane (The Glider)

This is instructions on how to make a paper airplane (The Glider); Please note that this paper airplane is fairly easy, allowing beginners to have literally no problems building this. With these instructions will be pictures along with fairly clear directions on what folds to do and how to do it. Let's get to it shall we?

What you will need:
- A Piece of Paper; notebook paper, printer paper, etc.

Step 1:

Lay your piece of paper in front of you; 

Step 2:

Take the left corner of the paper and fold it over towards the center; this should form a triangle. 

Step 3:

Next, take the right corner and do the same; folding it toward's the center - forming a triangle. 

This process can be cleaned up if you're a perfectionist; IE, making sure the folds/creases are crisp and the two corners, now folded triangles, perfectly align. 

Step 4:

This part can be slightly tricky; take the entire top portion consisting of the two folded corners and fold downwards. 

Which when folded correctly should look somewhat like an over sized envelope as seen in the illustration. 

Step 5:

Again, you will pull the left corner toward's the center as pictured in the illustration. 

Please note that the fold may NOT be the prettiest but will nonetheless work. 

Step 6:

Do the same thing to the right side; taking the corner and meeting it in the middle. 

Once more keep in mind, the fold's won't necessarily look crisp. Just get it as close and precise as possible. 

Step 7:

Tricky part; between your two folds should be a bit of a triangle sticking downwards. 

Fold that triangle piece upwards and over the two corners; down the center. 

The picture below should show this action mid-fold; IE not a complete fold yet just for the sake of demonstrating. Your's will be all the way folded and not popping up as high as the illustration. 

Step 8:

Turn your paper over; making sure the fold from Step 7 stays folded. 

I positioned the paper sideways to show the next folds a little better. 

Step 9:

Down the middle of the paper, take one side, as seen in the illustration, and fold it over. 

If this isn't clear; look at the illustration. 

Your product should look like this right now;

Step 10:

Now that the overall base of the plane is set; 

Start on one side, and fold part of the flap downwards against the bottom of the base. Repeat the same step to the other side. 

The illustrations may help with what I'm trying to explain; but you'll know you've done it right if both sides are folded downwards and your product looks like the fourth illustration. 

Step 11:

Open up the flaps, and your product is done and should look very reminiscent of a glider of sorts. Below is the finished result! 

I thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your glider!