Introduction: How to Make a Paper Balloon

I show how to make an origami paper balloon also known as a water bomb. It is an easy model to make but when folding try to make the edges as straight as possible for best results. All it requires is a piece of paper that is a square or can be cut into a square. Once the required folds are made it can be blown up like a balloon and the end result will be a three-dimensional ball/balloon or the edges can be straightened to make it into a cube. The paper balloon can also be filled up with water making it a water bomb. The origami balloon is a classic origami model and it is based on the balloon base which is the opposite of the square base.

Step 1: Materials

- Paper

you can use printer paper, you just need to make it into a square.


Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)