Introduction: How to Make a Pencil Holder

Heloo friends now i will show to you how to make simple pencil holder please follow the step friends


Tools and materials of manufacture

1. fanel fabric
2. carton
3. scissors
4. Castol glue
5. used mineral bottles

Step 1: How to Make Pencil Holder

manufacturing steps. :
provide all the ingredients then cut the cardboard into circles
And Cut the mineral bottle into 2 parts after becoming 2 parts then wrapped using a carton.

Step 2: How to Make Pencil Holder.

Next step after being wrapped around the carton and in glue with fanel cloth and given the glue again to be strong
And then give a little decoration with a black cloth shape decoration according to taste.
after that finishing give a little glue back so that it sticks and doesn't easily come off
be it
simple pencil holder

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