Introduction: How to Make a PewDiePie Genie, MrBeast Pikachu, Jacksepticeye Sans, Elon Musk Mini Faced, With Will Smith Clones YouTube Meme Thumbnail

How to make such a crazy thumbnail that you would usually see on the PewDiePie channel.



Step 1: Creating the Canvas Size

You going to need this exact size with the Width to be 1280 pixels and the Height to be 720 Pixels with the Orientation set to Landscape. This should be automatically set when setting the Width and Height to what's said above. This is required because Youtube's thumbnail pictures are set to this exact size.

Step 2: PewDiePie Cropout

First you want to crop out the photo using the magic wand. This will take out most of the green and use the eraser tool to get rid of any extra green. Once PewDiePie is fully its own transparent layer, crop out his head and hand into a separate layer. Make sure the eyes and mouth of the head are not included in the head so you don't change those features. You could either crop around them or crop them in to their own layer and put them above the other layers.

Step 3: PewDiePie Into Aladdin Genie

Now that PewDiePie is divided in to layers with the Head, Hands, Eyes, and Mouth.. you want to go on to the head layer and use the spot healing tool and remove all of his hair to make him bald. Get rid of his eye brows and all hair from the middle of his nose and above. Once you have smeared all the skin color into the hair to make him look bald, the head make look a little rough so use the eraser tool to shave his head around to make it look more natural. Once you give him his new cut, change the color of the head and the hand to a light blue color using Hue/Saturation but make sure not to choose the eyes or the mouth. After he is fully changed merge all of the layers together and find a Fez to put on his head and make change the color to purple. The final feature is to add the Crying Laughing Emoji in his fingers for the last part.

Step 4: Elon Musk Cropout

Find the perfect picture of Elon Musk with a happy face or laughing. As long as its funny it will be good. This shouldn't be that hard because if you could crop out PewDiePie you should be able to crop out anything else. If the picture you used isn't a green screen picture you can still use the magic wand tool or the quick select tool to easily crop around the main subject. This tool isn't perfect so use the eraser tool to get anything around the edges that the other tools couldn't get and to smoothen the rough edges.

Step 5: Giving Elon Musk a Smaller Face

This step is like what you did to PewDiePie's head. First you want to cut around Elon's face and copy that into a seperate layer. When you disable that face layers you should still be able to see Elon's face on the original layer. After disabling the face layer use the spot healing tool to fully get rid of Elon's face. Re-enable the face layer but make it smaller then merge it into the original layer. The edges will look rough with the face to continue to use the spot healing tool and smear around it took make it look like the face is attached to the head smoothly. Move the layer behind the PewDiePie Layer and set it to the right.

Step 6: MrBeast Pikachu

Find a good picture of MrBeast and crop it out. Turn his head into a seperate layer but make sure not to include his hat. Make his head yellow using Hue/Saturation. Its okay to include the eyes and mouth for this layer. Create little red circle and put them on the cheeks or MrBeast.

Step 7: Jacksepticeye Sans

Crop Jacksepticeye out and make his head entirely grey. Fill in both of his eyes will black and make his left pupil white. With the right pupil make the same kind of oval but fill it in with a blue gradient with any two blue colors to give the eye a special look. Make the nose into a separate layer and make it a darker grey.

Step 8: Will Smith Clones

This one is simple and takes little skill but will still enlighten the thumbnail. Crop out a picture of Will Smith and simply duplicate them and fill the top right corner.

Step 9: Special Effects - Lightning

The two main special effects will be the lightning around MrBeast Pikachu and and mist with the right eye of the Jacksepticeye Sans. They both require the same technique. Create and new layer and place it at the very top. Turn the entire layer into a gradient with the black side being on the left and the white side on the right. Go to Filter > Render > Difference Clouds. After your pictures is filled will clouds, invert the layer with (CTRL + I) *ctrl key with the "i" key at the same time* Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels and look at the top graph. Drag the middle arrow to the right but not all the way just mostly until it looks like lightning. Click OK. Go to Hue/Saturation and make the Preset at the very top Cyanotype and change the Hue to yellow. With the magic wand, get rid of all the black and use the eraser to smoothen the edges and place the around/behind the MrBeast Pikachu.

Step 10: Special Effects - Blue Mist

Do the same thing with the Difference Cloud but keep it that the cloud and make sure the colors are inverted. With the eraser tool form a steam shape that will look best coming out of the eye. Change the color of it to blue with the Cyanotype Hue/Saturation feature and place it at the right eye in the pupil of Jacksepticeye Sans. Change the opacity a little lower to make it some-what see through.

Step 11: Background

With all the remains space place any background layer. Make sure the layer is at the very bottom. For the top right place a Pokemon Stadium background to fit with the MrBeast Pikachu and cut out around it to make it only the top right. With the entirely of the right side make the background some sort of dungeon to fit with Jacksepticeye Sans and PewDiePie Genie.