Introduction: How to Make a Piñata Using a Balloon

Piñata: a gaily decorated crock or papier-mâché figure filled with toys, candy, etc., and suspended from above, especially during Christmas or birthday festivities, so that children, who are blindfolded, may break it or knock it down with sticks and release the contents.

Or to simply put it, a piñata is a flashy accessory to a party or event that everyone can enjoy! Follow these simple steps and learn how to make one at home. 

Step 1: Step 1: Materials Needed

Newspaper, string, glue, balloons, water, bowl, paint, paint brushes, something to fill piñata with (candy, toys, confetti, etc.)

(Suggested but not required materials include: a water bottle or duct tape roll.)

Newspaper will need to be placed over your work area. This is to protect your work surface because things will get messy. Begin cutting strips of newspaper. Make sure they are slightly long, about half a page.

Step 2: Step 2: the Mixture

Empty a bottle of glue into a mixing bowl. Add water until the mixture is slightly thin.. It will not require a lot, so add the water slowly.  It should be similar to pancake mix.

Step 3: Step 3: the Body

Inflate the balloon. Size is not a factor. If you want a large piñata, inflate the balloon more. For a smaller piñata, do the opposite.

Here is where things get messy. Begin dipping the strips of paper into the paste. Use your fingers to eliminate the excess glue from the strips, for too much glue can cause the strips to not stick.

Begin placing the strips on the balloon.Try to place them as neatly as possible. This will eliminate wrinkles and give your piñata a smoother appearance.  It will help to have the balloon elevated. This will make it easier to lay strips on the bottom of the balloon.  My method was tying the balloon to a water bottle. Make sure the water bottle is full because the balloon will begin to get heavy, causing the bottle to tip over. Another method is placing the balloon in a duct tape roll. (This step may be skipped if you are not experiencing any trouble.) 

Once you have completely covered the balloon with one layer, allow it to dry completely. You will need to apply three to five layers, allowing each to dry in-between. . (Additional layers will need to be added if you need a stronger piñata.)

Step 4: Step 4: Adding Your Own Flavor

This next step allows you to add your own style to the piñata. Determine how you want to decorate your piñata and choose your paint colors accordingly.Although most piñatas are colorful, you may create your own unique design. (I made mine black.)  The balloon should still be elevated, so painting should not be a hassle.

Once the piñata is decorated how you want it, you will need to pop your balloon and remove it. This can be done by making a small hole at the opening. Let the balloon deflate on its own, do not squeeze the piñata because this can cause breakage. Once deflated, remove from piñata.

Step 5: Step 5: Finishing Up

Cut any excess newspaper off from around the opening to clean up the appearance. If you are satisfied with how your opening looks, skip this step.

Next, you will need to make two holes on each side of the opening. This can be done with a hole punch (if your hole is big enough) or by puncturing the piñata with a push pin. The push pin method should be done until a hole large enough to fit your string through is created.

Note: Be careful if using the push pin method. Puncturing the piñata too hard can cause it to dent, ruining the appearance.

Lace your string through the holes and tie them.

Step 6: Step 6: Filling the Piñata

The piñata can be filled with whatever you want, candy, confetti, toys, etc. This will depend on your occasion. Be careful to not fill the piñata with something too heavy, for it could cause your piñata to break.

For this example, I used confetti.

Step 7: Step 7: Covering Up and Hanging

The opening will need to be covered.. This is to prevent whatever you filled your piñata with from falling out too soon.  This can be done by using tape or gluing paper over the top.

Once the hole is covered, you will be ready to hang your piñata! If the piñata needs to be hanging lower, you can tie a longer piece of string to the previously added one.