Introduction: How to Make a Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

We use pens and pencils everyday to help us carry out different tasks, such as doing homework, drawing a picture, or creating a sketch. Pencil holders create a special place to hold those writing utensils that we never seem to find when we really need them. Popsicle stick pencil holders are even better since they are a great way to transform something from being ordinary to extraordinary and can add a fun, spunky twist to the traditional holder.

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make a popsicle-stick pencil holder. Now let’s get right into it!

Note: This is recommended for anyone who loves crafts, but more specifically for kids ages 8 and up. Younger kids should have an older adult with them if they want to do this craft.

Step 1: Getting Started

Before we get started, make sure you have all of the following tools and materials at hand:

- Scissors
- One sheet of paper

  • Construction paper is preferred since it is thick enough for your base to be constructed upon.

- Glue

  • Wood glue is highly recommended since it especially binds the wood the best. I’d also highly recommend Elmers school glue, though using other brands is fine too. DO NOT use a glue stick, as this won’t produce a strong enough bond to keep your sticks together.

- At least 50 popsicle sticks

  • Can be any type
  • You can have however many you want essentially, but just keep in mind that if you want a tall holder, you will need to supply more sticks to stack up your base.

Extra materials that are helpful, but not needed, are:

  • Embellishments, such as feathers, jewels, and beads.
  • Watercolor paint

Once you have these materials, you are finally ready start creating your pencil holder!

Step 2: Create a Base.

- Cut up a shape with the construction paper.

  • The height and width can be of any length, but the perimeter of it must be able to be outlined by your popsicle sticks. Also, make sure it would big enough to store your utensils in.

- Make sure that the shape you create is big enough for layering the popsicle sticks on top of it.

Step 3: Layout Your Entire Base With Popsicle Sticks.

- Each popsicle stick should be placed sequentially after another and your base should be covered completely, as shown in the first picture. Corners that can fit at least two eraser caps on top should NOT be showing!

- If paper from your base is sticking out like the second picture shown, trim it off so that it doesn’t show.

- If you want your pencil holder to have a more polished look, you can cut off the rounded edges of the stick so the base can look more uniform (as shown in the third picture).

  • BE CAREFUL not to injure yourself while cutting off the edges!

Step 4: Glue the Sticks Directly on Top of the Base.

- Make sure you glue the sticks exactly how you laid them out in the previous step.

- Use just enough glue to stick to the paper.

  • Using too much glue will result in your base easily falling apart due to the sogginess of the paper. The second picture shows an example of a good amount of glue to use (on the left side) and how much glue is too much (on the right side).

Step 5: Glue Popsicles to the Edges of Your Base.

- If you had a square base, for example, it would be around the perimeter of the square. This will serve as the basis for when you start your layering in the next step.

Step 6: Glue Another Layer of More Popsicle Sticks Onto the Edges of Your Base.

- Make sure your sticks follow the shape of the edges so your holder doesn't become slanted in the end.

Step 7: Keep Gluing More Layers Until Your Holder Reaches a Height You Are Comfortable With.

Step 8: Wait About an Hour for the Glue to Dry.

- This is important so your pencil holder will be very sturdy in the end, and will guarantee that your pencil holder will last for a very long time.

Step 9: Finishing Up

Once everything’s dry, you’re all finished. Congratulations on creating your very own popsicle stick holder!

If you want to decorate your pencil holder like I did, then you are welcome to do so. To decorate your holder, you can glue things such as beads to the perimeter of your base to add some sparkle. You can also buy a glitter shaker and shake it on top of the base, which adds a nice glitter finish to your holder. I'd also recommend using some feathers as additional flair, which can be glued to the corners of your base or you can simply just put it in your holder.

Painting the sticks before or after you’ve assembled your holder along with adding extra embellishments will help in making your pencil holder a beautiful piece that you can deeply admire. Be creative and most importantly: don’t forget to have fun!