Introduction: How to Make a Pouch

Here's how to make a pouch in a simple step-by-step tutorials. Get these stuffs:

  • Something round in the size you want the pouch to be
  • A tissue or piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • A couple of plates or bowls or anything round for the shape
  • Two different fabrics, for the inside or the outside (or use one and the same fabric, your mom will still love you)
  • Yarn
  • Sewing machine or hands with functioning fingers and a needle
  • A piece of rope
  • Something to close the pouch, such as a big bead

Step 1: Choose Your Size

Get a round object in the approximate size that you want you pouch to be. I choose a juggling ball. Wrap a tissue or piece of paper around it and cut off the excess.

Step 2: Get the Stuffs

Find a plate or bowl or whatever that (almost) matches the tissue in size. Find two additional dishes that are each slightly bigger than the previous one.

Grab fabric that you like. I choose a different one for the inside (brown) than for the outside.

Step 3: Trace Circles

Trace all three plates with a marker on the fabric that you will use for the inside of the pouch (brown). Trace only the largest plate on the fabric that will become the outside of the pouch (blue).

Step 4: Line Up the Pieces and Sew the Outer Rim

Some fabrics have a inside and a outside, or a pretty and a less pretty side, just as most humans do. Put your outside piece with the pretty side on the inside piece with the side with circles. Sew them together on the outermost rim, as far to the rim as you dare. Do not finish the circle, but leave a small area open.

Step 5: Turn Inside-out

Don't do this to humans please, just to your pouch. Turn the thing inside out. Check if there are any holes, apart from the one you just left there on purpose.

If there are additional holes, turn inside out again and sew it shut. Then turn back around again.

Step 6: Sew the Outer Rim Again

Sew the outer rim again and tuck in the hole that you left open. Sew it close.

If this doesn't work in a subtle way, do not worry to make a bit of a mess with several sewing lines. Your mom will still love you and you will barely see it in the finished pouch.

Step 7: Make a Hole

Not in your heart. In the fabric. Approximately 1cm x 1cm, it's for the rope to go through. Sew some lines around it to prevent it from tearing.

Step 8: Sew the Circles

Sew the circles. I find it the easiest to do the larger one first, then the smaller one.

Step 9: Time to Get the Rope

Not to hang yourself. It goes through the track that you just made. The rope must be at least as long as the circle, if you want to be able to open the pouch completely. Pull on the ropes to gather the fabric and close the pouch.

Step 10: Get Something to Close Your Pouch

Get something to close your pouch. This can be a bead or one of those fancy closing-thingies, if you have them. If you use a bead, pull the ropes through the beat in opposite direction.

Step 11: Enjoy Your Pouch

Well there it is, it's finished! Put in the pouch whatever you want, whether it is your will to live or a juggling ball. (Or, in my case, fire poi which will smear anything with soot if not packed properly.)