How to Make a Prototype Box



Introduction: How to Make a Prototype Box

Materials needed:

-a pencil



-hot glue/any glue

-Cutting tool (preferably an exacto knife or box knife)

Step 1: Think of What Use You Want This Box to Have, What Is It's Purpose?

In my case I wanted a box that would be able to organize a stack of notebooks. And so I wrote a list of all of the characteristics that had an impact or would be included in the design

Step 2: Sketch the Design of the Box That Caters to the Needs You Stated

I also added estimates of the dimensions of the box into my sketch

Step 3: Create Accurate Dimensions and a Sketch of the Box

I altered my dimensions in the bottom half of the page

Step 4: Assemble the Box

  • Draw pieces onto the cardboard with a ruler
  • Cut out box pieces. It is helpful to place the ruler along the cut-line and drag the knife along ruler to create a clean cut.
  • use glue to glue them together

You're done!

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