Introduction: How to Make a Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun way to pass the time whether on a rainy day or as a family project. I will show you how to make a custom puzzle. these can be made as gifts or just for fun.


You will need

  • Cardboard
  • A ruler
  • Scissors/ Exacto knife
  • Glue
  • mod podge

Step 1: Step One

First, you'll need to grab your cardboard and cut out a square. it doesn't have to be precise, we'll measure it out later. Pick what side is smoother and put that face down, well mark the rough side.

Step 2: Step Two

Next, you'll need to grab your ruler and decide how large you want your puzzle to be.

Step 3: Step Three

Mark out your sides with a straight edge and cut. My puzzle was 12 inches high and15 inches long

Step 4: Step Four

Now that you have an exact rectangle, make a grid on the rough side, this is where the pieces will layout. my grid was 18 x 18 but feel free to customize this.

Step 5: Step Five

Add circles at random on each side of the squares, this will connect the pieces later.

Step 6: Step Six

Find an image! once you find an image put it into rasterbator to spread it over multiple pages.

Step 7: Step Seven

Grab your printed image and make sure they line up, you should then cut the white border off of the outside and one on the inside.

Step 8: Step Eight

Glue your image onto the smooth side of the cardboard.

Step 9:

cut out the pieces based on the lines we made earlier.

Step 10: Step 10

The last thing to do is cover your pieces in mod podge. brush on a giving amount of mod podge to seal in the paper. let dry for 24 hours and done!