Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Zipper Bracelet

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Today I am going to teach you how to make the Rainbow Loom Zipper bracelet. You can get these supplies at your local craft store. Mine is Micheals.


  1. Small Rubber Bands
  2. A Loom
  3. A Hook

Step 1: Putting the Bands On

Make sure that the arrow is pointing up when you are putting the bands on. First, you have to start at the very bottom. Then, put a band on the first middle and left peg. Continue this upward until the row is full. Then, do the exact same thing but with the row on the right. Then, for the middle, use double bands from the bottom tow pegs left. Then, do one double banded connection above your last rubber band. Then, use only one band to make the last connection.

Step 2: Looming the Bands

To loom the bands, first you must turn the loom around so the arrow is facing you. Then, find the second band closest to the bottom in the middle. Next, reach from outside of the rubber band and grab the top band. Then, hook it onto the left band. Then do this with the right. After, you do this, do it with the left and right. MAKE SURE THAT ON THE SIDES, LOOM IT FROM INSIDE THE PEG TO THE ONE ON TOP OF IT. THEN, YOU DO THE MIDDLE AGAIN.

Step 3: Taking the Bracelet Off

First, put the top bands that are not loomed on the highest middle peg. Make sure that you do the left bands first, then the right. Then, put your hook in through the highest peg. After, Put your finishing band onto the hook. Then pull your hook out and put the other side of the band onto the hook. Then you may pull it off.

Step 4: Clip Your Bracelet

First, you put a C or S-clip onto one side of the bracelet. Then, connect the other side.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy your bracelet! There is also a surprise bracelet if you flip it around! Thanks for reading my instructable!