Introduction: How to Make a River Mirror With a Jigsaw

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I made a Greg Klassen inspired River Mirror using a Jigsaw, an Old broken Mirror,a Pine 1x6 and Construction glue.

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Step 1: Cut the Board to Length

Measure your Mirror Length and draw a line where to cut the board. Use a Speed Square or a straight edge to guide the Jigsaw for a clean straight cut!

Step 2: Drawing and Cutting the Curvy Lines!

To make a more interesting look draw a curvy line which looks like a river that helps you where to cut with the Jigsaw.

Use a narrow saw blade to make it easier to follow the curves, it's not important to perfectly follow the drawing, just do what you like! Sand the edges with some 180gritt sandpaper.

Step 3: You Are Almost Done!

You can use any kind of stain, paint or varnish to give your mirror a better look,

after the boards are dry use some Construction Adhesive to glue the Riverbank to the Mirror.

put the two glued board on the Mirror and clamp them in to place but be careful not to break the Mirror!

After 12hours clamping time you can remove the clamps, and you are ready to enjoy your Beautiful Unique River Mirror!

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